Katie Price had a major accident

Katie Price had an unfortunate accident in Turkey holiday

42-year-old world-famous British singer Katie Price, had an unfortunate accident during a holiday in Turkey. It turned out that Price broke two legs and one ankle at an amusement park Wednesday.

British singer Katie Price, arrived in Turkey after the relaxation of the strict quarantine rules. Price who frequently visit Turkey for aesthetic operations, announced that it had an unfortunate accident. Two legs of Price were taken into plaster.



Katie Price announced to her followers that she had an accident and broke both legs with a post on her Instagram page. The British singer announced the event that happened on his social media accounts. 2 She said that he had suffered greatly after breaking her feet and that he had abandoned her vacation.

Katie Price’s holiday in Turkey ended


Quarantine after performing first trip to Turkey, British singer and model Katie Price has returned to his country. Price, which broke both legs as a result of the unfortunate accident, experienced in London Heathrow Airport the day before

Both make their teeth as well as holiday to Turkey for coming singer and model Katie Price, Woods and his new girlfriend Carla returned to London with two of her five children.


Price also broke both his legs in Turkey, the cameras were installed at Heathrow Airport the previous day.

Her boyfriend ran to the aid of the 42-year-old singer traveling with a private vehicle inside the airport.
Carl Woods, who arranged a wheelchair for his beloved, later carried Katie Price in his arms.

Woods had Price, with both legs in a cast, seated on the chair, while an officer there helped them.

It has been an unwarranted accident

Singer, Turkey experienced an unfortunate accident during the holidays, he broke both her ankles.
“It was a stupid accident,” said Katie Price.

Price fell while jumping over a wall in the amusement park where she went with her boyfriend and two children, and as a result, her two ankles were broken.

Katie Price, frequently coming to Turkey to make aesthetic surgery.

The British singer underwent facial lifting, eyelid, eyebrow application, tummy tuck and Brazilian hip operations in Istanbul.


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