Karol G and Grupo Firme sing together the hits ‘Tusa’ and ‘Ya superame’

At one of the Colombian singer Karol G’s concerts, she surprised thousands of spectators and shared the stage with Grupo Firme.

Singer Karol G impressed the audience with the emergence of Grupo Firme, the most popular regional Mexican band of the time, at a concert in Hidalgo, Texas.

Previously, Grupo Firme performed Tusa’s single at the capital’s Zócalo. On this occasion, it was Karol G who invited her audience to her stage to delight her with the achievements of both.

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The emergence of the group led by Eduin Jazz took place at a concert held by Karol G in the United States in Hidalgo, Texas. Before Grupo Firme took the stage, the audience was singing a few Colombian songs at the top of their lungs.

The public did not stop applauding when Eduin and Jhonny Jazz appeared alongside Karol G. After greeting each other, they started joking that the reggaeton singer had to accompany them with a “shoot” to start singing.

The three of them immediately started singing the single from Ya Supérame and approached their audience to recite some lines of the song. Between the jumps and dances by the artists, Eduin Jazz thanked the invitation and asked the singer to listen to a version of one of his songs and sing along.

The leader of Grupo Firme said, “Thank you, but you must listen to our version and sing along with us,” and from that moment they began voicing Karol G’s most famous single, Tusa, in a regional Mexican version.

“They don’t know how I feel to see them on stage tonight, they have to invite me later,” added Karol G, assuring Eduin was already “invited” for the next presentation.

Karol G and collaborations in concert

It’s not the first time Bichota’s translator has surprised his audience with the participation of another artist.

During Karol G’s long-awaited concert at the Mexico City Arena on June 11, she impressed fans with the arrival of former RBD Anahí. On this occasion, the singer assured that she is a fan of the Mexican artist.

11 years after her debut, Anahí took the stage to sing Save me, one of the unforgettable hits of the Rebelde series. Wearing a black outfit and a pink cowboy hat that shines in the spotlight, the Mexican singer thanked her fans and assured them they “are an incredible generation”.

Likewise, on June 13, the singer sang her single with Eres’ composers, Café Tacvba.

“My guests on this stage are artists I grew up loving,” the Colombian said at the second presentation of the ‘Bichota Tour’ in CDMX.

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