Karina Jelinek body red dress and side openings

Some photos of Karina Jelinek and a burnt red dress on the torso and openings on the sides.

The model shared a photo of her fans in love on her Instagram account.

Karina Jelinek is one of the most charming models in Argentina, so she has many fans who want to learn about her every day.

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In this sense, Karina has an Instagram account with more than 1 million followers and she has reached this enormous figure very recently.

Karina Olga Jelinek is an Argentine model. Known for her work on the runway and in magazines, the model also works on television. Karina Jelinek still continues her profession in Argentina.

The key to the model’s success on the social network are her postcard photos, which have left thousands speechless, often on the verge of censorship.

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On this occasion, Karina shared a photo through her stories that completely fell in love with many of her fans, leaving many of them with lots of likes and private messages.

There you can see Karina posing with pure fire in a body red dress and side slits, creating a look that’s a true fashionista’s fantasy with bow-tipped ends.


Karina Jelinek was born on March 22, 1981, so this sign is 41 years old and under the sign of Aries for those born between the 21st of this month and April 20th.

In this way, the great charisma of the model is largely explained, being positive Aries people who like no other zodiac sign, always full of joy and enthusiasm for the small and simple things in life.

Olga Karina Jelinek is a very hot woman for her age. People keep raving about her physical features. Even her Instagram posts are quite remarkable.

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Model, entertainer, and television character known for her different television and displaying appearances. She has showed up in the Adage and H Para Hombres magazines.

At age 16, she started filling in as a model in the Cordoba Territory, Argentina. At age 19, she moved to Buenos Aires to seek after her demonstrating vocation full-time.

In 2005, she partook in the Argentinian dance rivalry television fragment Bailando por un Sueño (English: Moving for a Fantasy). It showed up as a section of the Television program Kickoff. She again participated in 2012.

She was brought up in Manor Maria, Argentina.

She showed up close by the host of Bailando por un Sueño, Marcelo Tinelli, during both of her appearances on the show.

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