It was learned that Kanye West, who applied to the court, will officially change his name

It was learned that Kanye West, who applied to the court, will officially change his name. It looks like rapper Kanye West will be on the agenda in America with his new name.

The famous singer, whose full name is Kanye Omari West, but who is known as Kanye West, who is in the process of divorce with TV star Kim Kardashian, has applied to have his new name approved by the court.

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American rapper Kanye West is trying to change his name. The 44-year-old famous star applied to the court for this. The singer, whose full name is Kanye Omari West, wants to simplify his name, to just be “Ye”.

This isn’t the first news about West changing his name. Because the singer wrote on Twitter in 2018, “I’m officially known as Kanye West. My name is ‘YE’,” he said. West now wants to formalize the name.

Released an album under the name Jesus Is King in 2019, West continues to promote his highly anticipated album Donda after two years. The date of the album, which was announced to be released in July, was postponed to August 6, but it was not released on this date either. The famous singer continues to make consecutive launches for his new album.

West, who is in the process of divorcing Kim Kardashian, the mother of his four children, also invites his ex-wife to the album events. The duo, who has been in court since February, came together during album promotions.

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West and Kardashian got married in May 2014 in a private ceremony in Florence, Italy, with the participation of artists and celebrities. The two maintain friendly relations. The lyrics West wrote to Kardashian, who supported the promotion of the new album, such as “Darling come back to me”, did not escape the attention of the fans during the promotions of the new album. It was understood that the song “Love Unconditionally” in his new album was about the reality show star Kim Kardashian, who was in the process of divorce, and the end of his marriage.

The lyrics of the song include the lines “I’m losing my family/I’m losing my family/I’m losing my family” as well as “She’s yelling at me/Honey how can you go?” His words were striking.

The song began with the counselling voice of West’s deceased mother, Donda. West’s mother said, “He taught his children two lessons. First, you will never leave your family no matter what. Secondly, whatever happens, you will love unconditionally.” One part of the song was seen as West sang “I’m losing my whole family/Darling come back to me”.

West’s album Donda, named after her mother, also includes the song “Lord I Need You”, in which she tells about the divorce. The singer’s rap lyrics “Time and space are a luxury / But you still came here to show me you love me” were also interpreted as a reference to Kardashian’s support for her ex-wife at the launches.