Kanye West sets himself on fire at Donda’s listening party

West’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian also attended the album promotional show. Kanye West set himself on fire at the listening party for his album Donda.

Rapper Kanye West sets himself on fire at the listening party for his album Donda.

On Donda’s launch night, Kanye West was spotted sitting in a replica of the house he was born in at one point. Meanwhile, flames began to grow above West.

The rapper then calmly left the house and started walking with flames on him.

While West was walking on stage, wearing protective clothing, several officers came and put out the flames.

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Another notable point of the Donda listening party was that West’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian also took part in the show.

In one scene, Kim Kardashian walked towards Kanye West in a wedding dress.

Although there are allegations that West and Kardashian are together again, the duo has not yet made a statement on this subject.

Kanye West releases new album ‘Donda’ after delay

The collection incorporates commitments from Jay-Z, The Weeknd, Young Thug, Jay Electronica, The Lox, Travis Scott and others.

There are 27 tracks recorded on the Spotify playlist for the collection. The melody “Prison pt. 2,” which apparently includes DaBaby, is recorded yet not yet inaccessible.

“Donda” was initially planned for discharge on July 22, following the first of three elaborate listening occasions.

West took up home at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium to finish work on the collection prior to holding a last occasion in Chicago on Thursday, where DaBaby, Marilyn Manson and Kim Kardashian West, who petitioned for legal separation from West in February, taken an interest.

West’s last collection, the Grammy-winning gospel record “Jesus is King,” was delivered in 2019.

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Kanye West recreates his wedding with Ex-Wife Kim Kardashian

Kanye West revived his wedding with Kim Kardashian, with whom he was in the process of divorce, while promoting his new album Donda. Khloe Kardashian reacted to the situation by saying, “I’ve never seen anything this scary.”

Kanye West re-enacted his 2014 wedding to Kim Kardashian, at the close of the third listening party for his upcoming album Donda. See Independent Turkish from time to time; The mysterious bride used on stage took the stage with her Balenciaga Couture wedding dress in the song No Child Left Behind.

Shortly after that moment passed, Kardashian’s younger sister Kylie Jenner posted a photo of the couple on Instagram. Khloe Kardashian responded on Twitter, “I’ve never seen anything this scary”.

West’s event, which is in the process of divorcing Kardashian due to violent conflict, took place on Thursday, August 26 at Chicago’s Soldier Field Stadium. Organizers have offered on-site vaccinations for those who have not yet been vaccinated. Viewers were able to watch the broadcast live on Apple Music.

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