K-pop group Blackpink made an announcement for their fans

Famous South Korean female K-pop group Blackpink made a ‘gift’ announcement to their fans.

Famous K-pop group Blackpink made an important announcement to their fans. The famous South Korean female group, in a statement through music label YG Entertainment, stated that they will no longer accept gifts from their fans.

Instead, the group asked their fans to strive for good causes.

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In a statement on behalf of the group, “We want to inform our esteemed fans who have always supported Blackpink. The members of Blackpink have been trying for a long time to tell you about the gifts prepared by their fans,” it said, adding that gifts sent for special periods such as the group’s debut anniversary, members’ birthdays will be politely declined.

“We would appreciate if you send your gifts and support to those in need or for a good cause,” the statement said. Although the group does not accept gifts, they will continue to receive personal letters.

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Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa and Rosé

Composed of four members, Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa and Rosé, Blackpink made history by becoming the first female K-pop group to take the stage at the Coachella Music Festival in 2019.

The group’s first big success was being the first K-pop female group to enter the Canadian Hot 100 with their song Playing With Fire in 2016. In 2018, they broke 3 Billboard chart records with the song Ddu-Du Ddu-Du and the album Square Up containing this song.

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In 2019, the Ddu-Du Ddu-Du clip made history as the first K-pop clip to reach 1 billion views. The group, which reached 20 million followers on YouTube in the same year, became the first K-pop group to reach this number.

The song How You Like That, released in 2020, became YouTube’s biggest music video Premiere with 86.4 million views in the first 24 hours.

Jennie and Rosé, members of the group, attracted attention with their solo songs. Jennie became the fastest K-pop female solo artist to reach 100 million views with her 2018 SOLO music video.

Rosé, who made her solo debut in March this year with her album ‘R’ containing the song On The Ground, broke the record for being the most watched solo K-pop artist with 41.6 views in 24 hours.

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