K-pop artists dress modestly as they perform in Saudi Arabia

Kpop female idols are famous for their sexy style, but in the final Saudi Arabian stage, they chose discreet and appropriate outfits.

Allkpop reports that K-pop artists put on a successful performance over the weekend in front of 20,000 Saudi fans during the popular KCON music event. The event includes famous bands such as New Jeans, ATEEZ, STAYC, The Boyz, and artists Sunmi, Hyolyn…

After the event ended, one of the issues that attracted the attention of the world Kpop fan community in general and Korea in particular was the performance costumes of the female artists.

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While performing in Saudi Arabia, K-pop artists still managed to be pretty cool with their modest outfits, They are also known as the cutest women in Asia.

Often, K-pop artists take to the stage in casual, trendy outfits like tennis skirts, corsets, and trendy pieces. In Saudi Arabia, women always wear discreet clothing without showing their limbs, so when attending KCON, Kpop idols also respect the culture of this country.

Even Korea’s sexy queen like Sunmi, Hyolyn chooses appropriate outfits to perform. Fans expressed their agreement, praising the idol.

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KCON is a large-scale Hallyu cultural festival run by CJ ENM company. This is the first time KCON has been held in this Middle Eastern country. Last August, KCON took place in Los Angeles (USA) and was broadcast online, attracting more than 7 million viewers worldwide.

In June, CJ ENM signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Saudi Ministry of Culture, agreeing to promote cultural exchanges in various fields such as music, cinema and cultural heritage.

The video was subsequently erased from the man’s TikTok page however it had proactively been generally circled via web-based entertainment.

The gathering didn’t answer the man’s remarks and advanced into a vehicle.

An assertion distributed by the public examiner said that a security watch in the Riyadh locale had captured an individual for “expressing phrases that would bias public ethics against a gathering partaking in an occasion in the city of Riyadh”.

Fanatics of the ATEEZ, who burst onto the K-pop scene in 2018, prepared to report the video and the man to the significant experts in tweets seen via virtual entertainment.

The gathering partook in Saudi Arabia’s very first KCON celebration close by 14 other K-pop groups at The Avenue Riyadh City between 30 September and 1 October.

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