Juventus lawyers at the prosecution for Luis Suarez’s controversial language test

Lawyers of Serie A Team Juventus Appeal to Court for Luis Suarez Transfer

The lawyers of Juventus, one of the Serie A teams, met with the prosecutor’s office to determine whether the club had an influence on the investigation of the Italian language test of Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez, whom the black-and-white club had recently considered transferring.

In the country, the debates continue within the framework of the investigation initiated by the Perugia Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding the Italian language exam that Luis Suarez took at Perugia Foreigners University on September 17 and received a positive result quickly.

Juventus lawyers personally held a video conference with the university administration about Suarez’s language test, according to the thesis of the prosecutor’s office investigating the matter. The claim of Fabio Paratici, Juventus Sports Director, may have indirectly influenced Suarez’s passing the exam with the relevant unit of the university.

Luigi Chiappero and Maria Turco, the lawyers of the black-and-white club, met with prosecutors conducting the investigation in Perugia today, regarding Suarez’s claim that he passed the language test with the necessary convenience and the influence of Juventus on it.

In the Luis Suarez Affair – The Rector defended himself

On the other hand, the rector of Perugia Foreigners University, which has become the focus of the investigation. Maurizio Oliviero, on the other hand, told Corriere della Sera newspaper, “I am a university president. I am in contact with different people. This includes people from the Juventus administration, which I support. A name from the Juventus technical delegation, who I have known for a long time, called me and Suarez’s team in Barcelona. He said he went to the Italian consulate and wanted to ask if my university had taken an Italian language exam. ” used the expressions.

Speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Oliviero stated that he had only spoken to Paratici once in his life and said, “Someone says that Paratici called me and said,” We need to pass him on this exam, “but this is not true.” said.


Luis Suarez’s language test adventure

During the summer transfer period, Juventus, one of the Italian Serie A teams, was closely involved with Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez, who played in Barcelona. However, Suarez had to leave his non-European Union footballer status in order to be able to transfer to the Italian team. For this, Suarez, who wanted to obtain the citizenship of this country through his Italian wife, came to Perugia Foreigners University on September 17 to obtain a B1 level Italian language proficiency certificate and took the exam.

The fact that Suarez came to Perugia for a day and took the exam last week in order to obtain his Italian citizenship and announced that he was successful in this, drew the reaction of the public, especially the regular immigrants from Italy.

The Italian financial police took action and searched the university on September 22, after the Perugia Public Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation into Suarez’s language test.

In addition, the wiretapping records showing that the requests such as having Luis Suarez’s language exam and providing the necessary facilitation for this, giving the subjects to him beforehand were discussed among the relevant interlocutors of the issue were reflected in the press.

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