Juventus Chairman Agnelli and Inter’s Coach Conte Fight

Juventus President Agnelli and Inter’s coach Conte insulted each other after the match

Juventus, who drew 0-0 against Inter in the semi-final rematch match of the Italian Cup, became the party to reach the final due to winning the first game. At the end of the match, what happened between Juventus president Angelli and Inter coach Conte left its mark on the night.

In the match between Juventus and Inter in the semi-final of the Italian Cup, the dialogues of Antonio Conte and Andrea Agnelli became the agenda in the Italian press.

Conte Made Hand Gesture

The images of Inter coach Conte and Juventus President Andrea Agnelli having bilateral dialogue throughout the match did not go unnoticed. At the end of the match, it was revealed that Agnelli called Conte “Shut up, asshole”, and the moments when the Italian technical man made a hand gesture against Agnelli were reflected in the cameras.

Making a statement at the end of the match, Conte said, “I think the 4th referee heard what happened during the match.

I think they should be more polite, more athletic and respect the people who do their job, “he reacted to the events.


51-year-old Conte, who previously worked at Juventus, won 3 Serie A championships and 2 Italian Super Cup championships with black and whites.

Who are Antonio Conte and Agnelli?

Antonio Conte, former Italian national footballer and former coach of Premier League team Chelsea. He is currently running the Internazionale team.

Andrea Agnelli is Italian businessman and president of the Italian football club Juventus. He has been serving as the Executive Board Member and Chairman of the European Club Association since 2012, and has been appointed to the UEFA Executive Committee since 2015. He is also a board member of FIAT and Exor companies.

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