Justin Timberlake reveals her support for Britney Spears

Justin Timberlake announced his support for Britney Spears. Justin Timberlake seeks support from all his followers for Birtney.

Justin Timberlake: “We all need to support Britney right now”

Justin Timberlake reveals her support for Britney Spears

Justin Timberlake supported Britney Spears and shared on social media that he was with his ex. Britney Spears has been fighting for her freedom for some time, trying to get out of her father’s guardianship.

Justin Timberlake supported his ex’s freedom fight. Although the once-iconic couple Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears separated their ways and chose different lives years ago, Timberlake also supported Spears’ ongoing guardianship case.

Timberlake, who is married to Jessica Biel, wrote on Twitter that a person should never be forced to act against their will and ask permission to gain access to something they have earned through hard work.

Justin Timberlake reveals her support for Britney Spears

Referring to his wife, Jessica Biel, Timberlake added: “We send our love and absolute support to Britney during this time. We hope the courts and his family will fix this and let him live as he pleases.”

Britney Spears fights against her family for her freedom

Spears became her father’s guardian after her divorce from her husband, Kevin Federline, in 2008. Spears, who has not been in any court regarding guardianship until now, has spoken after 13 years and expressed that she now wants her freedom.

During a 23-minute phone call to Judge Brenda Penny; She explained that her guardianship status should now end, that her family was exploiting her, that she was forced to use birth control even though she wanted to get married and have another baby.

Spears stated in her statements that although she wanted to take a break from working, even this request was not fulfilled and she felt like a slave.