Justin Fashanu, the First Person to Declare Being Gay in English Football

We share with you the Sad Story of Justin Fashanu, Who Was The First Person To Declare He Is Gay In English Football, Which Extended To Suicide.

Who is Justin Fashanu?

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Justinus Soni “Justin” Fashanu was an English footballer who played for various clubs between 1978 and 1997. He was known as gay by his early clubs and later in his career came out in public, becoming the first professional football player. gay.

Justin Fashanu aka Justinus Soni Fashanu was born in 1961.

The separation of her parents had a profound effect on her and her one year younger brother, John’s life. Her mother, Pearl, had left her children in a nursing home.

By the time Justin was six and John was five, the Jackson couple in Shropham were welcoming the siblings into their home.

They were perhaps the only black in the district. Thanks to that couple, they had a happy childhood…

While Justin was boxing, he was chasing the leather ball.

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He started his career with Norwich City and signed a professional contract at the end of 1978. It was January 13, 1979, when he made his league debut against the WBA.

In a short time, Justin Fashanu, one of the indispensables of the team, was starting to list the goals.

His one-year-old brother, John, also played in the Norwich youth team. While his older brother was getting famous every day, he was in the shadows…

Fate was weaving its webs. Justin Fashanu’s magnificent goal against Liverpool was chosen as the goal of the 1979-80 season.

This volley had taken his residence at Nottingham. Now, the champion of the Champion Clubs Cup was in the epaulet team…

Brian Clough had the Canaries pay a full £1m to get the title deed to the young talent.

He was the first black football player on the island to receive this title. The expectation from Justin was so high…

The adventure of the striker, who shook the net 35 times in 90 games in Norwich, in the land of Robin Hood was not starting as desired.

He performed in 32 matches and had a barren season. Perhaps due to this, the young man was immersed in the night life…

Realizes He’s Gay

Justin fashanu the first person to declare being gay in english football 1 gmspors

It was at that time that the striker realized that he was attracted to men. But when he found out that he was gay, his teacher, Brian Clough, reacted quite harshly.

Justin, who was not taken into training at first, was then scrapped.

One of the greatest coaches in the history of English football, Clough regretted his later homophobic words and attitude, but it was too late.

The name given a chance by Howard Wilkinson in Notts County got into trouble with his knee this time and could not regain his former strength.

Showing his skills on a completely different subject in 1982, Justin signed a good disco piece.

Like migratory birds, Justin. One was on the right, one was on the left! Brighton & Hove Albion later opened to the New World.

But it was not; He could never regain his former form. His brother John, on the other hand, became a brand in Wimbledon and lifted the FA Cup in 1988.

Speaking to the Sun newspaper on October 22, 1990, the striker was shouting his direction to the whole world.

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While his relations with politicians were making the headlines of the tabloid press, his brother John at the peak of his career could not accept that his brother was gay.

Calling his brother a vagrant through the press, John threw out the bridges. The day had dawned for the tabloid press.

The black star, who played football in Scotland, New Zealand, Canada, Sweden and the United States in his career that started in England, could not keep up with this and left the green fields in 1997.

In the New World, where he went to coach, a 17-year-old boy went to the police and said, “Fashanu raped me.” Although questioned, he was not arrested.

Returning to England, the lifeless body of Justin was found in London exactly 22 years ago.

Justin wrote on his bedside suicide note that he didn’t want to embarrass his family and friends any further.

After his death, it was revealed that the American police had already closed the case due to lack of evidence, but he was now in the grave.

It was his belief that he wouldn’t be able to get a fair trial for his sexual orientation, presumably the one pulling the string around his neck.

Years after his death, his nephew made his documentary, and his brother John almost confessed.

Speaking of Justin Fashanu, you can also watch Forbbiden Games, one of the documentaries made about him.

The 40th anniversary of his spectacular goal against Liverpool was on 9 February 2020. Norwich fans did not forget him, and they saluted him with a banner.

Justin Fashanu is a first in the conservative football world. He could have been a great football player, but he just chose to be himself.

Actually, that alone says a lot. Even today, the scarcity of athletes who can declare they are gay strikes us as a slap in their importance.

Justin Fashanu was England’s first £1 million black player. He was the first footballer to come out as gay, an undoubted icon to many. The dates were May 2, 1998, when he committed suicide at the age of 37.

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