Julia Fox stands out with her street style

Famous model Julia Fox was greeted as interesting in the outfit she preferred while walking on the street.

This is how she traveled from street to street! Strange defense came from the famous model about her assertive style. Her followers commented on her street style.

Street style claims from Julia Fox

Italian-born American actress and model Julia Fox attracted attention in New York with a bustier that would show her upper part almost completely. Wandering the streets in this way, Fox said that by dressing in this way, she offered a visual service to the public.

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Julia Fox, who has been talked about with her assertive style recently, was seen wearing blue jeans designed using 3D by the Brazilian fashion brand and a bustier that will only cover her breasts on the top. Those who saw Fox turned and looked again.

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Speaking to People magazine about the outfit she wore, Fox said that by dressing in this way, she provided a visual service to the public.

Julia shared a video of her 16-month-old son with her followers last Saturday.

Julia had a love affair with Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband, Kanye West, and made the headlines for a while.

Julia Fox is an Italian-American actress and model. As an actress, she is best known for her debut performance in the 2019 film Uncut Gems, for which she was nominated for the Breakthrough Actor Award at the 2019 Gotham Awards.

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Julia Fox’s pants are the thing

Julia Fox, who is known as an actress in the 2019 movie Uncut Gems and later on with her short-term love interest with Kanye West, has managed to be the event again with her street style! Comments poured in on Fox’s half-open trousers.

Julia Fox, who is one of the Uncut Gems actresses and is currently building her modeling career, has once again been on the agenda with her style. Julia Fox took to the streets of New York in another stunning outfit.

The famous name, who became famous with his short-term love with Kanye West, is in the tabloids with every outfit.

Julia Fox made everyone look at her in her black dress with lace up front and half open back. Fox’s wearing trousers with open buttons on top of a thong and the image of her outfit became an event on social media.

Those who saw Fox’s interesting style made comments such as “What did she do again?”, “Is this woman dressed when she’s high?”, “Is she wearing another panty over a thong?”

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