Juju Salimeni Proves Her Beauty With Her Physique

Brazilian model Juju Salimeni amazes everyone with her physique that can compete with fitness models.

35-year-old Juju Salimeni continues her modeling career in full swing. She has business knowledge with many important brands and signs advertising deals on Instagram.

“I have no idea how much money I have,” says Juju Salimeni

Juju salimeni proves her beauty with her physique 4 gmspors

On Instagram, Juju also dismissed the hashtag ‘patricinha’ and claimed she never got in line.

Model and former panicky Juju Salimeni talked about her financial life by answering questions from some of her fans and said that she never had a backup. She has been praised for her ‘financial acumen’ on Instagram and claims she inherited it from her mother, Dora Salimeni.

“I really liked the compliment! Thank you very much! This is the heir to the financial intelligence Mamis. She’s the one who knows everything about money and organization! Actually, let me tell you a secret: I have no idea how much money I have. I have it, only she knows,” she said.

In response, Dora also republished the story and commented on how her daughter handles all of her finances. “She says she doesn’t know, she doesn’t want to talk about money, she’s just going to spend it,” she said.

Juju also took advantage of the moment to deny the title of ‘patricinha’. “I have never been and will never be a banker, God willing. I conquered everything alone, built my inheritance, paid my bills and supported my luxury,” she said.

Juju salimeni proves her beauty with her physique 3 gmspors

Juju Salimeni posed without clothes and showed off her silicone boobs

The bold, fitness muse untied the upper body dress, exposing the side of the chest.

Juju Salimeni revealed her upper body naked, glorifying the spirits of social networks. The model allowed her followers to get to know her sculptural body in more detail.

Sitting on the floor in a relaxed moment, she took a strategic pose and covered most of her breasts. The photo highlighted the bronze marquinho and the tattoo on Juju’s rib.

Juju salimeni proves her beauty with her physique 2 gmspors

Netizens commented on the blonde’s beauty. “Great” wrote one. “You are my inspiration,” said another. The third praised, “Your beauty is surreal, I get stupid looking at it.”

Juju Salimeni ends the weekend with a jaw-dropping click: “An inspiration!”

Former panic and fitness model Juju Salimeni made the end of Sunday (05) with great care and made a speech on social media by sharing a new photo with her Instagram followers and achieved great success.

The host of the “Juju BootCamp” show came out showing off her super heavy shape with an unusual look. She bet on an impressive, stylish denim shirt and didn’t stop daring on the record, even when it clicked spontaneously as he usually does.

Juju Salimeni displays a devastating article and says: “When they buried me, I sprouted!”

“Good, you are an inspiration”, one follower of the muse reacted in the comments to the post. “What a muse, I look forward to seeing you at the 2023 Carnival,” another netizen said. She fired another of the muse’s 17.4 million followers, saying “it’s not a woman, it’s a monument”.

Juju salimeni proves her beauty with her physique 1 gmspors

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