Juan Soto rejected the huge money offer

Juan Soto Those who heard the money he refused were shocked! Star baseball player Soto did not accept the offer worth a fortune.

It is alleged that Juan Soto, who plays for the Washington Nationals, one of the American Major League Baseball teams, turned down a record offer…

Juan soto rejected the huge money offer gmspors

In the news in the British press, it was stated that Soto did not look forward to the record offer because he wanted to leave the team and thought he could find a better contract.

It is claimed that the Nationals offered the 23-year-old player $440 million for 15 years.

In the news, it was reminded that Juan Soto will be released in 2025.

If Soto accepts the Washington Nationals’ offer, he will become the highest-paid player in league history. However, it is stated that he will carry the record figure even higher with a possible contract that will exceed 500 million dollars, which he will be freed in 2025.

Los Angeles outfielder Mike Trout broke the league record in 2019 with a 12-year contract worth $426 and a half million.

One-time World Series winner with the Nationals, Soto is the 5th player in the league with the best batting average this season.

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