Journey equals betrayal: Ashley Madison’s word

A survey by Ashley Madison reveals why users are more likely to entertain a love affair on the go.

Whether it’s for a full rest vacation or a business trip, getting away from the daily routine and monotony can change the individual in a positive way. Discovering new destinations causes excitement and even adventures, for some it is an opportunity to explore new horizons.

Ashley Madison, the leading international platform for those seeking extramarital affairs, discovered in a recent survey that its members not only have extramarital affairs while traveling, but that moment happens just when they are away from home. they are more likely to engage in warm experiences outside of the primary relationship.

Why are Ashley Madison users more likely to have a love affair while traveling? 62% said being away from their home contributed to greater common sense. Regardless of whether meeting another partner occurred before or during the trip, 43% of respondents reported that the adventure outside the marriage bed was more exciting, 39% more spontaneous, and 35% easier to segment the relationship than your time. they are at home.

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“Studies show that many people adopt a different mindset when traveling; Christoph Kraemer, Managing Director of Ashley Madison Europe, an emotional disposition that can cause new sensations or lead to behaving differently than when you are at home – the survey reveals that our members feel more free and adventurous when they are away from home. home, which explains why they are more likely to reduce their shyness and discover new connections”.

PhD, psychotherapist and sex and relationships expert Dr. Tammy Nelson says that many extramarital affairs happen during the holidays because it’s more exciting and easier to cheat when you’re the kind of “new person” away from home. A different side of the personality emerges, described by the doctor as ‘temporary’. Finding yourself in an unprecedented environment, away from the people who know us, allows you to fully explore what it feels like to be another person with different character traits. This is why we can wear sexier clothes than usual, flirt more, be more outgoing, and expose ourselves more to meet new people. We go beyond the limits of sexual ambivalence as we deal with temporary encounters limited to the holidays.

While some Ashley Madison users openly argued with their partners about testing the waters with other people while on vacation, the majority (88%) said they didn’t talk about it or ask permission.

So a question arises of itself: Are there many people who take the ‘what happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas’ mentality? Not really . In fact, interviewees revealed that although many describe an extramarital affair as a betrayal that occurs while on a trip, not all places are considered equal when it comes to betrayal.

Where does a love affair have to be for it to count as such?

in a different city%95
in a different state%82
in a different country%78
In the water (ex: on a cruise)%75
in the air (ex: on the plane)%74

Dr. Nelson concludes that given the temporary nature of the short adventure (or a side encounter), one’s overall risk of self-esteem is lower. New character traits acquired during a journey make you feel good, can help boost self-esteem and can be integrated into your personality and “take home”; this explains the sense of well-being after a refreshing trip or a trip out of town. On the other hand, if the change doesn’t work and you don’t like it, you can leave it behind and perhaps pretend it never happened.

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