Jose Mourinho: I am the best in the world

Jose Mourinho, the experienced coach of England Premier League team Tottenham, made striking statements after the West Ham United match.

Having made a good start to the season, Tottenham has fallen behind the summit with bad results recently. A press member; “Will you review your management style?” Portuguese coach to the question; “Never, not at all. Sometimes scores are the result of more than one situation in football. Me and my coaching team. We are the best in the world,” he replied.

New manager candidate to replace Mourinho in Tottenham,

Despite the good start of the season, it was stated that Tottenham, which broke off from the first four races in the league, wanted to replace Jose Mourinho at the end of the season, RB Leipzig’s coach Julian Nagelsmann.

Jose mourinho i am the best in the world 2 gmspors

In the news in the Telegraph, it was stated that Jose Mourinho’s future at the club in Tottenham, which won only four wins in the last 14 games in the league, depends on the result of the matches the London team will play in 12 days. In this process, Tottenham will play against Burnley, Fulham and Crystal Palace in the league, and Wolfsberger in the Europa League tomorrow.

Mourinho’s team, which gave the Austrian team a 4-1 advantage in the first game, will have his name written in the Europa League one after the other, unless he has a surprise in the second game. Nagelsmann, who gave an interview to the Telegraph before the Champions League match against Liverpool last week, said that he wanted to work in the Premier League in the future, but would not make such a decision in the middle of the season. It was stated that Tottenham winning the league cup final with Manchester City and success in the Europa League will not be enough for Mourinho to stay in the team, and the ranking in the league is much more important for club management.

Jose Mourinho: It is very difficult for us to be in the top 4

Tottenham, who lost 2-1 on the road to West Ham in the 25th week match, lost five of the last six games in the league.

Missing a game, Tottenham is nine points behind West Ham, who moved up to fourth place and entered the Champions League pot with this win. Speaking to Sky Sports after the match, Mourinho made statements about his chance to join the Champions League and said, “It is very difficult to think about the top four. The top four, fifth, sixth, all get points. It will be very, very difficult. The Europa League is a great source of motivation for us. It’s not easy, but it’s an important motivation. Because it could be a way to join the Champions League and win trophies, “he said.

While it was pointed out that the defensive football played by Mourinho is boring by the fans, Nagelsmann’s interview about the system he wants to play, “The important thing is to win and it is fun to win. I never want to change offensive football. Because I love her. The statement of “” was included.

Jose mourinho i am the best in the world 1 gmspors

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