Jose Mourinho declares War on Super European League, but gets fired by Tottenham

Roads parted with Jose Mourinho in Tottenham! It was announced that Jose Mourinho was fired from his team after declaring war on the Super Europa League.

English Premier League team Tottenham parted ways with Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho. After this decision, Tottenham has been under a great burden of compensation. Mourinho improved his record.

Jose Mourinho declares War on Super European League but gets fired by Tottenham

Playing in the English Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur fired manager Jose Murinho. Tottenham is in 7th place with 50 points in the Premier League, which is 32 weeks behind.

Mourinho, who took the helm of Tottenham in November 2019, achieved an average of 1.77 points in 86 games.

The compensation of Mourinho, who earns 17.5 million Euros annually from Tottenham, will be a huge burden. In previous reports, it was stated that Tottenham would pay about 40 million Euros in compensation if the Portuguese coach, who had a contract until June 2023, was fired before the end of this season.


Mourinho is the most compensated coach in football history. Mourinho, who was fired twice from Chelsea and once from Real Madrid and Manchester United, earned a total of 79 million 700 thousand euros in compensation. Assuming that he will receive 40 million Euros from Tottenham, the total compensation received by Mourinho will reach 119 million 700 thousand Euros.

Mourinho, who was dismissed from Chelsea in 2007, 20 million euros, Real Madrid 18 million 700 thousand euros in 2013, 20 million euros once again from Chelsea in 2015 and finally 21 million euros from Manchester United. had taken.

It was alleged that he parted ways with Mourinho. According to The Telegraph newspaper, Tottenham decided to part ways with the famous manager.