Jordyn Hagan Gaunt fake agency shocked 18-year-old model!

Jordyn Hagan Gaunt: They took my private photos

Fake agency shock to the 18-year-old model! They recorded the moments she undressed in front of the camera. 18-year-old model Jordyn Hagan Gaunt in Australia is in great concern after a underwear shoot organized by a fake agency. The young girl, whose nude images were shot in front of the camera, is afraid that the images will fall on sexually explicit sites.

Jordyn Hagan Gaunt fake agency shocked 18 year old model 1

Jordyn Hagan Gaunt, modeling in Australia, was shocked by the ‘fake agency’ shock just at the beginning of her career. Gaunt, 18, contacted someone from his social media account before he started working with his current agency.

The woman, who introduced herself as the representative of the famous underwear brand Honey Birdette, said that they wanted to work with Gaunt and shoot a cast. Gaunt, who was very excited, went to the camera for a video conference call.

The young girl who went into the so-called experiment to become a lingerie model was asked to remove all of her clothes.

Jordyn Hagan Gaunt fake agency shocked 18 year old model 2

Jordyn Hagan Speaks with Gaunt News Agencies!

“After showing the instructions, they told me to take off my underwear so they could see my body type. I’ve never been in a modeling shoot before,” Gaunt told the Daily Star about her experience.

“The interviewee asked if my girlfriend was nearby and asked us to kiss in front of the camera. I felt awkward and said that I was going to end the meeting. But they said that I was going very well, that I should not worry, and that I was on the list to sign a contract.”

Appeal to Gaunt Police

After this meeting, Gaunt, who convinced her two 19-year-old friends to enter the so-called filming, realized that she was dealing with a fake agency when there was no development regarding the contract and applied to the police.

Even though an investigation was launched into the incident, Gaunt worried that her footage would fall on adult movie sites and said, “I feel stupid. I also got my friends involved. Police said the footage could fall on sexually explicit movie sites.”

Jordyn Hagan Gaunt fake agency shocked 18 year old model 3

Jordyn Hagan Gaunt adult film industry

In Australia, 18-year-old model Jordyn Hagan Gaunt, after the underwear shoot organized by a fake agency, is told about her photos falling on sexual content sites.

The young sexy model has already announced that she is in big trouble. People in particular are known to be very liars and cheat on young girls with fake personalities. The young model is expected to take a break from modeling after the events she experienced.

Jordyn Hagan Gaunt Butt draws attention

Jordyn Hagan Gaunt is a nude model for many different industries. 18-year-old young female model trying to be an active person in social media. The model, which attracts attention with its butt, is already shown as the model with one of the most beautiful hips.

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