Jordan Pickford’s childhood sweetheart Megan Davison

Accompanying the Everton goalkeeper since the age of 14, Megan Davison is a familiar name in England’s famous hot WAGs.

He and Jordan Pickford’s girlfriend Megan Davison remained together from childhood, the couple married years later.

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Jordan Pickford has missed the last two games due to a thigh injury, putting great anxiety into England’s pre-World Cup goalkeeper position. But fans can take some relief when the Everton goalkeeper always has a pink ball, Megan Davison.

Megan was born on March 29, 1996 in England. He graduated from the University of Sunderland. Other information about the family and private life of the 26-year-old beauty is still a mystery to the media.

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Megan and Jordan’s love story began at the age of 14. The “cotton chicken” love affair has a happy ending in March 2020. The couple held a private wedding ceremony in the presence of their family and close friends.

In early February 2019, the couple welcomed their first son, Arlo George. The English goalkeeper couple loves to spend time with their children and often shares happy moments on social networks.

Megan has now retired to work as a full-time housewife to take care of her small family and have a solid back that England’s number one goalkeeper can truly play.

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While she tries to keep her private life private and doesn’t participate in show business, Megan has always been one of the most media-rated WAGs with her glamorous looks and hot body.

The British beauty’s personal page attracted about 100,000 followers and received green approval. Here, she only focuses on sharing the moments she had fun with her husband and children and displaying her awe-inspiring physique intelligently.

Hopefully, with the company of his charming wife, Pickford can recover quickly and be his best in the upcoming World Cup.

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