Jon Rose Embraces His Origins For A Better World With Two Californians

Dockers® starts a 3-year collaboration with the founder of Waves for Water, Jon Rose. In addition to the love of nature, an adventurous spirit, optimism and stubborn perseverance in the face of difficulties are an essential part of being a Californian. Whether you are a surfer, a tech entrepreneur, a doctor or an environmentalist; California is a place where the natural environment both calms and mobilizes. This unique harmony brings us back to our California roots, while also paving the way for an exciting new 3-year collaboration between Dockers® and Waves For Water founder Jon Rose.

“Work Forward” sprouted from the idea that no matter how challenging the collaboration ‘Do what you love, change your world’, anything can be achieved as long as hard work, commitment and forward momentum are at the forefront. It’s not too complicated, just keep one foot in front of your other foot until the task is over. Rose, a philanthropist and former professional surfer, perfectly embraces both the Work Forward motto and the relaxed Californian feel.

Rose, originally from Laguna Beach, stands out for her determination as well as her relaxed demeanor like a genuine Californian. His philanthropic features have also benefited him a lot in his professional surfing career. While chasing waves in exotic locations is seen as a dream job, it requires dedication, preparation and adaptability. You travel to remote locations, bargain with locals, see foreign cultures, and survive with a mix of ideas, experience and luck. Rose said, “I wasn’t aware of it at the time, but when I was a professional surfer, I was doing civil work.” says.

However, Rose did not realize the true value of her unique past until the tragedy unfolded. On 30 September 2009, the 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck the city of Padang on Sumatra Island. On his way back to the city from a surfing trip in Mentawais, Rose had 10 water filters next to him. Normally his plan was to donate the water filters to a village in Sumatra, but after seeing the destruction in Padang, he took them to aid points all over the city. At the crossroads of her life, Rose discovered her true purpose at that moment.

Waves for Water organization born out of this tragedy; It aims to help end the global water crisis by providing portable water filtration systems to communities without access to clean water, digging and renovating boreholes, as well as installing rainwater harvesting and storage systems. Waves For Water has provided access to clean water to more than 3 million people in more than 44 countries so far.

Waves for Water has been helping to provide clean drinking water around the world for 10 years, while Dockers®, also born in California, saves up to 73% of the average amount of water used in painting and finishing processes to reduce the footprint of the brand in the environment.

Believing in the power of sharing, Dockers® and brand ambassador Jon Rose are also signing the Give a Filter campaign. Dockers® also donates one for each filter donated via This collaboration is also the best way to show what Dockers® actually mean. Thanks to the shared values ​​of Rose and Dockers® such as never giving up, grasping the power of the community, love of nature, social justice and the desire to see that environmental sustainability reach every part of the world, a platform was created to push everyone to take action. Our true goal is to create a ripple effect that fuels lasting transformation around the world.

Rose said, “The thing that interests me is devotion. We’ve got the solutions, we know what we can do. Now who’s going to come out first and commit to it? You don’t have to be an aerospace engineer as long as you have a work ethic. And if you do what you tell you to do, a lot of things can be accomplished.” says.

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