Johnny Depp’s stingy claim against Amber Heard

Johnny Depp to Amber Heard: She won’t pay anyone a dime! The famous actor said that his ex-wife was a very stingy person and that underlying his innocent appearance was a great slyness.

Amber Heard, who eventually divorced her colleague Johnny Depp, allegedly did not keep her promise of $ 7 million in divorce compensation. Depp’s lawyers stated that he thought Heard’s mistake could change the color of the legal battle between the two. On the other hand, during Johnny Depp’s trial to a friend, “He never pays a penny!” Said. It was alleged that he also sent a written message.

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Amber Heard, who left US actor Johnny Depp, whom she accused of committing violence, in 2016, announced that she would donate $ 7 million of the divorce case to the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles and the American Civil Liberties Union.

However, it turned out that Heard did not hand over this money to charities.

According to Page Six’s report

According to the news of Page Six; Sources close to Depp argue that this could enable the famous actor to turn things in his favor in a series of legal struggles.

“The judge thought he was a great person working for humanity because of his supposed generosity, but he was lying about donations,” the sources said in an interview.

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The player’s attorney also described Heard’s claim to donate the money as “a calculated and manipulative lie” at a hearing held in London on Thursday to decide whether Johnny Depp could legally challenge the court order.

The Sun’s lawyers, however, claimed that Heard was not lying and had already made a number of payments.

Johnny Depp: My ex-wife doesn’t donate to anyone!

On the other hand, Depp told a friend during his trial, “He will never give anyone a penny!” allegedly sent a written message.

Heard’s lawyers made statements on the issue recently.

Speaking to Deadline, lawyers alleged that Johnny Depp, who was accused of violating his ex-wife and was therefore expelled from the movie series ‘Fantastic Beats’, was trying to draw attention to Heard’s failure to fulfill his promise of donation.

The lawyers stated that Amber Heard would continue to make the donations, and said that the reason for the delay so far was that she had spent millions of dollars to defend herself against the lawsuits and charges brought by Depp.

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Amber Heard, on the other hand, won against his ex-wife Johnny Depp, who sued him for $ 100 million.

Depp argued that Heard gave false information about their marriage and about his own behavior.

He also alleged that his ex-wife was holding false witnesses and did not provide accurate information about domestic violence.

But the judge found Amber Heard right, and Johnny Depp had to pay $ 100 million in compensation to his ex-wife.

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