Johnny Depp, who won the lawsuit, was told he couldn’t pay the Amber Heard compensation

Why would Amber Heard have to pay only $350,000 of Johnny Depp’s $5 million in punitive damages?

While Johnny Depp, who won the case, was celebrating, shares emerged that would strengthen the claims that Amber Heard could not pay the compensation.

The jury in the criticism preliminary of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard arrived at a decision, on the third day of consultation.

And keeping in mind that Depp ended up as the winner – with $10m in compensatory harms, and $5m in correctional harms – it turns out he could not really see a lot of that $15m.

Virginia regulation puts a cap of only $350,000 on correctional harms courts might grant to rebuff miscreants. In the event that a jury in Virginia grants anything over the cap on correctional harms, judges need to lessen the honor to the greatest permitted by regulation.

Johnny depp who won the lawsuit was told he couldnt pay the amber heard compensation 2 gmspors

Will Amber Heard be able to pay back the money she lost in the lawsuit?

The winner of the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp defamation lawsuit, which lasted about 6 weeks, was Depp. Depp, who was justified by the jury’s decision and won $ 15 million in compensation from his ex-wife Heard, visited the animal shelter a day after the trial and then gave a concert to thousands of fans. Heard’s lawyer, who lost the case, announced that it was not possible for the player to pay the $ 15 million compensation.

American actor Johnny Depp has won a $50 million defamation lawsuit he filed against his ex-wife, Amber Heard. The couple, who testified during the six-week period and made striking claims about each other, ended with Depp winning $15 million in compensation. Depp, who triumphantly left the court, gave a concert to thousands of his fans a day after the case was closed.

Heard, who lost the defamation lawsuit, was decided to pay 15 million dollars compensation to Depp. However, Heard’s lawyer, Elaine Bredehoft, made striking statements about the player’s payment of this amount.

When Bredehoft, who was connected to the famous talk show Today, was asked whether Heard would pay the money, she replied, “No, absolutely not.”


Johnny depp who won the lawsuit was told he couldnt pay the amber heard compensation 1 gmspors

The lawyer stated that Heard was not at all satisfied with the court’s decision and the jury took Depp’s side. Heard said, “I cannot put into words the disappointment I am experiencing today,” and stated that the decision made was a great disappointment not only for him but also for all women.

There are many reasons why Heard lost the case, The Post reports. Chief among these is that the jury believed that Heard’s statements were untrue, and her attitude, especially in the cross-examination, was not convincing.

California judge Halim Dhanidina stated that Heard’s credibility was shaken during the questions put to him. According to Dhanidia, the inconsistency of her statements, especially during the cross-examination, determined the fate of the case.


The judge also suggested that Heard lied about Depp’s violence against him. “She was lying on purpose about Depp because there was something she couldn’t trade with him,” Dhanidina said, adding that Heard was only making these lies to harm Depp in any way.

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