Jodie Weston Social media phenom slams those who stigmatized her

Jodie Weston The social media phenomenon harshly criticizes those who stigmatized her.

Jodie Weston, who became a phenomenon on social media after becoming famous on ‘Rich Kids Go Skint’, responded harshly to those who stigmatized her. Weston, who has 117 thousand followers on Instagram, said that she had attempted to become a DJ in the past years, but people described her as untalented.

Weston urged those who want to build a social media career to think carefully. Emphasizing that social media phenomenon has good sides as well as bad sides, Weston stated that in general, people who have this career are described as unskilled and unqualified. Weston said, “I was tired of having the phenom stamp on me and decided to do something new. I took a new step because I wanted to be a DJ. “But because I’m a phenomenon, most of the people I’ve tried to negotiate with have stigmatized as incompetent.”

Stating that she realized that no one cared about the features she had while striving for her DJ career, Weston said, “The only thing people could see was the word cliché and phenomenon. If I had to redo everything, I would definitely start my DJ career much earlier.” said.

Expressing that she has not lost her popularity at the moment, Weston did not neglect to call out to her followers. Emphasizing that they shouldn’t judge people by their appearance, Weston said, “All I can do now is try to build my fan base around the idea that they should never judge a book by its cover.”

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