Joao Felix cheated by his girlfriend

Was Joao Felix betrayed? The emerging video of Joao Felix’s Lover brought the news of betrayal in the football world.

The allegations that Atletico Madrid’s star football player Joao Felix was cheated on by his girlfriend shook the public. It was alleged that Magui Corceiro, who has been in a relationship with Felix for a year, cheated on the Portuguese star with another football player.

The allegation that Atletico Madrid star Joao Felix was betrayed by his model girlfriend, Magui Corceiro, with whom he has been in a relationship since 2019, fell like a bombshell. Corceiro, who allegedly cheated on Pedro Porro and Joao Felix in Sporting, denied the allegations. Corceiro, who stated that he kissed in the candid video where he hugged with Porro, said, “I still don’t understand why the person who shot that video didn’t record the moments when I hugged the other men next to me. There was absolutely no kissing.” said.

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Was Joao Felix betrayed?

The claim that the 22-year-old star of La Liga team Atletico Madrid, Joao Felix, was cheated on with his close friend by his girlfriend, Magui Corceiro, shook the agenda.

After a match played a few days ago, allegations of cheating about Corceiro, whose photos appeared on social media with Sporting Lisbon’s Pedro Porro, flared up.

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Making a statement from his social media account, Pedro Porro said that the news did not reflect the truth, “What is said is disturbing. I have a special relationship with Corceiro, but no one is unfaithful! Stop tarnishing the image of all three of us. Because the alleged things are not true,” he said.

19-year-old Corceiro, who has been with Joao Felix for more than a year, posed in the same pose as Wanda Nara, who had previously cheated on his wife Maxi Lopez with her current husband Mauro Icardi.

Joao Felix, on the other hand, did not make a statement on the subject.

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Margarida Corceiro

Margarida Corceiro, better known as Magui Corceiro, is a Portuguese actress, influencer, and model who gained popularity when she started working for Missus. She was in a relationship with football player João Félix.

Margarida Corceiro is one of the most recognizable models. Thanks to her football player boyfriend, she became more popular and received important job offers in her career.

Model Margarida Corceiro, who came to the agenda with the news that she betrayed her boyfriend, has not yet made a statement on this subject.

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Has Millions of Followers

Model Margarida Corceiro has more than 1.3 million fans on Instagram. She gets references by sharing her professional shots on social media. She shows her fans that she is still fit, especially with the bikini she wears in the summer.

She is on Instagram with the username @magui_corceiro and has a very active profile. The model’s posts with very special content, which are frequently shared on social media, were also featured on Instagram.

Who is Magui Corceiro?

Portuguese model who is known for having acquired portrayal from the Central Models office. She is likewise known for sharing her displaying photographs and content through Instagram for her over 1.3 million supporters.

She initially began sharing her displaying photographs in July of 2018. Her most memorable significant brand associations were with Funky Project clothing and Bershka.

She is likewise known for sharing her voyaging content for her adherents too and has posted pictures from spots like Playa Maroma in Mexico and Madrid, Spain.

She started dating soccer star João Félix in 2019. She imparted a photograph to her dad to Instagram in September of 2018.

Joana Várzea Aguiar is an individual model and virtual entertainment envoy who is likewise known for having procured portrayal from the Central Models Agency.

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