Jhené Aiko Teva Brand Sandals Rise in Trend

Jhene aiko teva brand sandals rise in trend 2 gmspors

Jhené Aiko appeared in front of the Cameras special to Teva brand with specially designed sandeletts. Aiko’s wearing of Teva sandals was met with interest by the fans.

Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo, better known as Jhené Aiko, is an American singer-songwriter. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, the artist began her musical career as a vocalist for the R&B group B2K.

Jhené Aiko has signed a deal with Teva for New Collection and they are the most interesting sandals of this year.

Jhené Aiko models Teva for the New Collection

Jhene aiko teva brand sandals rise in trend 2 gmspors

Jhene Aiko turns into Teva’s most memorable VIP partner as the footwear brand uncovers three new customized styles planned by the Grammy Grant selected vocalist lyricist.

As one-half of Twenty88 with rapper Large Sean, Jhené Aiko is in the middle of advancing the couple’s self-named debut collection. Nonetheless, the Grammy Grant named vocalist musician is likewise setting out on another inventive undertaking — as Teva footwear’s most memorable VIP teammate.

The Teva x Jhené Aiko assortment highlights three new customized ladies’ styles under the First All inclusive, Storm XLT and Flatform Widespread standards. Accessible today (June 1) at Teva.com and DSW.com, the assortment begins at $60. “Jhené epitomizes the soul of self-articulation, look for inspiration and feeling of investigation that are at the center of the Teva ethos,” takes note of the organization’s head of showcasing Erika Gabrielli.

During a housetop interview at the London Lodging in West Hollywood, Aiko talked about diverting her imaginative energy into footwear plan — and what fans can anticipate from her next independent collection.

Jhene aiko teva brand sandals rise in trend 3 gmspors

How did the cooperation with Teva come to fruition?

I was going on a climb during a visit to Hawaii, yet I would have rather not gotten a climbing boot. So I went to a store where the staff brought up the Teva shoes. They felt so agreeable that I wore them out of the store. I was hesitant at first about wearing a shoe to climb in light of the fact that my toes were uncovered. Yet, I wasn’t slipping; they were in a real sense great. I wound up wearing them during my entire outing.

From that point forward, I snapped a photo in them and labeled Teva. Perhaps a little while later, Teva reached me and I said I’d very much want to do a joint effort. What Teva addresses is extremely moving. It’s tied in with being a nonconformist, flexible. They urge individuals to head outside and be dynamic; to see the value in the regular world. Those are everything I felt I might want to likewise address and, ideally, I do that in what I do.

Jhene aiko teva brand sandals rise in trend 2 gmspors

What was your objective during the plan cycle?

I maintained that the assortment should be a genuine portrayal of me. I drew my motivation for the variety example and style of the upper-woven segment from the kinship wristbands that I make. My mother gave me a kinship wristband book when I was in primary school, and I began making companionship arm bands for everyone. It turned into my number one leisure activity, which I actually do now when I want to unwind. I have my companions choose their number one tones for an arm band. I advise them to make a wish and when the arm band tumbles off, the wish will work out as expected. It’s an exceptionally otherworldly thing for me. Also, that is how I needed to manage the upper winding around. I needed a variety of varieties drawn from unpretentious normal tones, not really brilliant: rose, gold; blue-green is likewise one of my #1 varieties.

I have a dharma wheel [tattooed] on my right shoulder. A Buddhist image addresses being on the correct way. So there’s a little dharma wheel engraved on each shoe to safeguard the wearer on her excursion. Since we were going with the companionship arm band subject, this is practically similar to a kinship shoe. We likewise planned the container and the bundling. The tissue wrapping inside includes a guide of Los Angeles. It’s a fortune map total with a X-checked spot. That was truly fun. I’m a major youngster who likes whatever’s innovative and otherworldly. My name shows up on the shoe too. All that in the plan is exceptionally customized.

Jhene aiko teva brand sandals rise in trend 1 gmspors

What’s your number one style in the assortment?

The Flatform All inclusive. I’m 5’2″, so it assists me with feeling somewhat more taller. The Storm is energetic, while the All inclusive is more consistently. The Flatform is about style; the in thing. At the point when I was more youthful and the Flavor Young ladies were huge, young ladies got a kick out of the chance to wear the large thick shoes. It’s nostalgic for me to wear something like this once more.

Style-wise, the variety range goes very well with denim from shorts to tore up pants; additionally sun dresses and long dresses for the mid year. Since there are such countless varieties in the range, getting on the various ones is cool. I have a long yellow dress that has traces of blue and I wore my shoes with it. Great.

These sandals are on trend

Jhene aiko teva brand sandals rise in trend 1 gmspors

The specially designed sandals released by Teva brand for this year started to attract people’s attention. Although the sandals are under the production of many different brands, the products of the Teva brand are rising as a trend.

In these days when the summer months are almost over, we see an increased interest in Teva’s sandals.

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