Jessica Simpson spoke with her children about sexual abuse

Jessica Simpson has had no issues opening up to her youngsters about her past contentions.

The vocalist as of late distributed her journal ‘Open Book‘ where she has unveiled subtleties on her past connections, fixation and charges of sexual maltreatment. Jessica Simpson has no issue discussing her previous battles with her youngsters.

The artist, 40, distributed a diary, “Open Book,” a year ago, in which she discloses data on her past, including connections, dependence, and claims of sexual maltreatment.

While addressing ‘Great Morning America’ as of late, Simpson uncovered she has had exceptionally authentic discussions (counting the supposed maltreatment) with her youngsters – Maxwell, 8, Ace, 7, and Birdie Mae, 2 – who have been welcome to peruse her book.

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“They both have (the memoir) by their bedside,” Simpson said. “And they’re starting to be very good readers, and they have read some of it. There’s nothing that’s off-limits. We’re very open as a family. For me, when I talk about sexual abuse and stuff, that stuff happened to me when I was younger than they are and at the age that they are. So, it is something that we are very open about.”

She even remembered the moment when Jessica Simpson’s decided to talk to her daughter about her sexual abuse.

“A woman came up to me and was crying and had her daughter with her and she was saying that ‘What you went through as a child, you know, it really encouraged me to talk to my therapist and be open with my family about it,'” the actress recalled. “And Maxwell was like, ‘Mom, what is she talking about?'”

The singer had a detailed conversation with her children after realizing that it was time to talk to her daughter about the traumatic event.

“But it was a perfect moment because she saw how being open and being honest with your feelings and how you can inspire people that way … just how honesty really is moving and how it can make a change in people’s lives and she saw that mommy was doing that,” Simpson said.

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After their conversation, the mother-little girl pair got back to their lodging where Maxwell started journaling.

“She’s been writing in her diary from that point onward,” Said Simpson. “In this way, it’s truly charming.”

“I simply think as a parent it’s so critical to truly have everything out there in the open. There’s nothing that is humiliating to discuss at all and there’s not something to be embarrassed about. Furthermore, no one will pass judgment on you. Also, on the off chance that they do, they’ll come around and they’ll be there for you. What’s more, in the event that they’re not, another person will. Be that as it may, our family is exceptionally close,” Simpson further added.

Delivered a year ago, Jessica Simpson’s ‘Open Book’ is currently accessible in soft cover.

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