Jese Rodriguez is back to his ex-wife! Her ex is rebelling!

Spanish forward Jese Rodriguez is back to his ex-wife! Her lover made statements

The love crisis of the famous football player is growing! The return of her 3 children to her mother caused her pregnant lover to rebel. Despite knowing that his girlfriend is pregnant, Jese Rodriguez turned to his ex-wife.

Spanish forward Jese Rodriguez, who is more prominent than his football career, is on the agenda once again. When the famous football player returned to the mother of his 3 children, his ex-lover, who is currently pregnant, rebelled against this situation.

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Jese Rodriguez is back to his ex-wife! Her ex is rebelling!

According to the news in the Spanish press, Jese Rodriguez started to meet again with her ex-girlfriend Aurah Ruiz, whose separation in 2016 caused a crisis.

The 27-year-old striker, who had a troubled relationship with Aurah Ruiz, who appeared on television as well as his modeling career, and who had a problematic relationship for years due to the health problems of his son Nyan, was caught on camera while eating with the famous model in Paris.

The catching of the famous couple, who was seen together in Las Palmas in August while having dinner in Paris, strengthened the allegations that they would reunite by making peace.

After these developments, Janira Barm, the last lover of the Spanish footballer, showed a strong reaction to Rodriguez. Jese became the agenda after quitting her hot girlfriend.

Barm, who had a child from Jese and parted ways with the 27-year-old striker shortly after conceiving with his second child, said, “I don’t care what he’s doing and who he’s having a relationship with. Nobody left me.

“I have a very happy life right now and I don’t care about Jese, except that he fulfills his responsibility as a father. The only thing that will bring us together is his responsibility to his children,” he expressed his reaction.

Aurah Ruiz, with whom Jese Rodriguez began to meet again, accused the striker of failing to take care of their children with health problems and letting them down.

Against this accusation, the striker expressed that she expected respect for all members of her family.

Is Jesé Rodríguez returning to our Spanish League?

Jesé Rodríguez’s (age 27) closest future seems far from PSG. Grown up in Real Madrid’s sub-categories, the player came to Concha Espina to take a look at the potential he valued with the leather in his boots. He also did not perform poorly at Las Palmas or Real Betis, forgetting his time at Stoke City.

Despite this, he has no place in the brand new Ligue 1 champion. According to Mundo Deportivo, which reflects the information echoed in various media in France, the striker may have an alternative in Spain. In theory, Real Valladolid would express his desire to hire Jesés before the summer term ends (October 5).

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