Jerome Boateng found guilty of assaulting his girlfriend

Former Bayern Munich football player Jerome Boateng was found guilty of beating his girlfriend, throwing a bag containing hard objects and insulting him. The Munich district court fined the German football player a total of 1.8 million euros for deliberate injury and insult.

World-renowned defender Jerome Boateng has appeared in court in Munich over allegations of assault against his ex-girlfriend, Sherin Senler.

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Jerome Boateng’s girlfriend found dead

The 33-year-old German football player was convicted in 2018 of causing dangerous bodily harm to Senler, the mother of his twin daughters, and fined a total of 1.8 million euros for willful injury and insult. Boateng’s ex-girlfriend, model Kasia Lenhardt, who had problems in her love life, was found dead in February 2021.

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