Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s 3-day 3-night wedding kicks off

Preparations for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s 3-day 3-night wedding have been completed and the world-famous couple is ready to have fun.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck reunited after 17 years and got married last month. The couple held the first day of their wedding, which will last 3 days and 3 nights, at their $ 8.9 million mansion.

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Singer Jennifer Lopez (53), who was shown as one of the most popular couples in the tabloid world for a while and called ‘Bennifer’, and actor Ben Affleck (50), got together again after 17 years and got married. The famous couple, who took the first step on the road to marriage by getting engaged in the past months, got married in July.

After the simple wedding ceremony, the couple, whose plan for a spectacular wedding that will last three days and three nights, entered the agenda of the magazine world, left behind the first day of these plans. A spectacular ceremony was held at Bennifer’s $8.9 million mansion in Georgia, USA.

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s children at their wedding

On the first day of her wedding, Lopez wore a Ralph Lauren wedding dress.

Affleck’s three children Violet (16), Seraphina (13) and Sam (11) from his marriage to Jennifer Garner and Lopez’s 14-year-old twins Emme and Max with Marc Anthony were also in attendance.

An incident shortly before the wedding cast a shadow over Bennifer’s amusement. While the ambulance arriving at the couple’s mansion alarmed everyone, the first news was that one of the famous couple’s children had an accident, but the real event came to light later.

According to the news in, Ben Affleck’s mother, Christopher Anne Boldt, fell in the mansion and injured his leg. An ambulance arrived at the scene and took Boldt, who had cuts on his leg, to the hospital. Affleck and Lopez did not leave Boldt alone and went to the hospital. It was announced that the condition of the famous name’s mother was not serious.

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Lopez, in a blog post she shared with her fans after her wedding ceremony in July, confirmed that she married Affleck with a simple wedding that took place in Clark County, Nevada on July 17. Lopez shared the words about her marriage, which she announced with a photo from Instagram, “We did it. Love is beautiful. Love is very kind. And it turns out that love is patient. For 20 years.”

Lopez wrote in her statement after their wedding in Las Vegas:

“It was exactly what we wanted. We flew to Vegas at night, lined up with other couples for marriage licenses, made the same journey as everyone else in the wedding capital of the world. With the best witnesses you can imagine, a little girl with a dress from an old movie and a jacket from Ben’s closet. We swore our vows in a chapel, gave each other our rings that we would wear for the rest of our lives.”

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The wedding of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who sat on the wedding table in Las Vegas last month, started in the hospital due to the accident of the famous actor’s mother. It was stated that Affleck’s mother’s condition was not serious and the wedding did not need to be cancelled.

Sources speaking to People magazine stated that the couple held a celebration with a very small group after their official marriage. Jennifer Lopez, who has been married three times before that, has two children with another famous singer, Marc Anthony.

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Jennifer Lopez’s daughter Emme also attended the wedding. Famous star Jennifer Lopez and successful actress Ben Affleck sat on the wedding table! It turned out that the couple, who got engaged last April, got married on Saturday, 2022 July 16, in Las Vegas.

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