Jenna Lee impersonated Mia Khalifa

Jenna Lee imitated Mia Khalifa and donned the perfect accessory for micro bikinis.

The model appeared with her accessory that will win the summer and bear the stamp of a former adult film actress.

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Mia Khalifa’s best friend Jenna Lee surprised her Instagram account with a video of her wearing a yellow and orange batik micro bikini.

However, the detail that caught all the attention in her post was the small gold chain she wore around her belly, which was the perfect complement to her outfit.

This is not the first time the summer accessory has appeared on social networks, in fact, Mia Khalifa herself was the first to wear it.

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Jenna Lee, in her Instagram post, which received hundreds of reactions, “What would you do if you had a million dollars?” she asked .


If there was one thing that left Mia Khalifa adult cinema beyond worldwide recognition and millions of followers on Instagram, it was her friendship with Jenna Lee.

Both friends are pretty close, spending their vacations together and engaging in risky photos together.

JENNA LEE and MIA KHALIFA are long standing friendships. It is even known that they sometimes express their appreciation for each other with a smile.

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They proved their friendship by taking part in several projects. Recently, her bikini photos together received more than 1 million likes in a short time.

jenna lee at Onlyfans

Jenna Lee has been involved in the adult film industry like her close friend Mia Khalifa. He also earns thousands of dollars by selling exclusive content to his fans.

It is very popular lately and manages to attract attention with more than 2.1 million followers on Instagram. She is often in the foreground with her fiery poses.

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