Jen Selter’s Lie For A Great Butt With Squat

A big claim has been made about Jen Selter, the most popular fitness model of social media.

It has been claimed that Jen Selter, who has often stated that she has a great experience in the field of sports and has managed to get millions of views with the videos she shoots, actually told a big lie to her followers.

Did Jen Selter, who is frequently on the agenda with her fit physique and squat movement preferences and has millions of followers on Instagram, really lied to us?

Jen Selter’s Lie to Get a Great Butt with Squats and Lordosis

Jennifer Leigh Selter, known as Jen Selter, is a fitness model, trainer, and internet celebrity who gained fame for her physique, leading her to professionalism in the modeling world. It’s thanks to the amazing body she has, thanks to the grueling workout routines she practices daily and shares with her millions of followers.

The beautiful trainer became popular on the Internet for her lectures on fitness, appearance and figure, especially the shape of her curves. She has also been featured in Elle, FHM, Muscle & Fitness, Vanity Fair, Maxim, Men’s Health, and Playboy magazines, respectively.

Since 2012-2013, when Instagram was popular all over the world, new perceptions of beauty emerged.

Eyebrows have changed, make-ups have changed, even bodies have changed. With the popularization of poses in which buttocks are at the forefront, the race to obtain larger, rounder buttocks began with sports and aesthetic operations.

With the influence of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Nicki Minaj, the butt has become a very important criterion in terms of aesthetics.

One of the names that made butts stand out on Instagram was Jen Selter.

Fitness influencer Jen Selter had turned into one of the most popular names in social media with her butt workout.

Everyone started to envy the influencer, who also has a deep waistline and a small but tight, protruding, rounded butt.

Obviously, Selter’s reputation is reflected in her official accounts, because every time Jen posts, her followers immediately respond with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments, praising her gorgeous figure at 28. exercises shown.

Jen Selter embraces the squat

So much so that most of us met the concept of squat thanks to her.

It became widespread by vigorizing the leg and hip muscles. The squat movement that strengthens and shapes with body weight or extra weight has become very popular with Jen Selter. Many fitness trainers have added different squat moves to their programs.

If the squat is done correctly and with weight, it develops the butt muscles; a tighter, rounder appearance is obtained.

Of course, the development of muscles also provides a certain amount of growth. However, this growth does not occur to a large extent, since sports fats are also burned.

Everyone’s body structure and genetics are certain from birth. So are the limits that can change as you gain weight and exercise. Most of the fitness bloggers we see on social media owe their great change not only to sports but also to aesthetics.

Silicone implants, fat injections, fillings and many other applications provide the desired appearance in addition to sports and nutrition. Because many people deny this, people believe that they can completely change their genetic makeup with sports alone.

Jen Selter, the owner of the most famous butt on Instagram, has been emphasizing for years that she has only a nose job, there is absolutely no touch on her butt.

She’s probably right, too, because it turns out that the butt that made Jen Selter famous actually had this look due to a disease she had.

Looking closely at Jen Selter’s posture, it can be clearly seen that the upper part of her body is anatomically first and the lower part is behind.

The difference becomes apparent when compared to a healthy human body.

Lordosis causes her hips, which are actually quite normal in size, to look much different.

It is thought that she did not choose to be treated because this disease brought her fame and wealth, and she lied about it.

Spine problems can be corrected with surgery at a young age. Since lordosis is not a well-known disease and plastic surgery comes to mind first, Jen Selter can easily reject the allegations.

Just like any other disease, lordosis is not something to be envied.

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