Jeffrey Epstein alleged abduction

One more note: According to one claim, Jeffrey Epstein is not dead

One more note: According to one claim, Jeffrey Epstein did not die, he was abducted. Those who voiced this claim say that the person in the photo shared as “Epstein’s dead body” is not Epstein, and that the ear and nose are different. The big claim was made. Famous milyader and pervert Epstein did not die in prison and was allegedly smuggled into France. According to the big claim, a denial was made by the USA.


American media reported that Jeffrey Epstein signed a will two days before committing suicide in his prison in New York.

The American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, accused of sexually harassing a large number of people, including underage girls, and trafficking people for sex purposes, was awaiting prosecution on charges of trafficking in women.

The coroner concluded that a 66-year-old former banker, who was found dead in his cell on 10 August, committed suicide by hanging himself.

The Associated Press (AP) news agency reported last week that Epstein’s fortune exceeded $ 577 million, according to court findings. However, it was not announced to whom this fortune would remain.

First of all, according to the news in the New York Post, this wealth is transferred to a foundation as per the will signed by the former banker two days before his death.


Jeffrey Epstein ‘signed a will two days before her death’ allegation

Epstein’s wealth in his will includes $ 56 million in cash, $ 14 million in fixed income investments, and a total of $ 18 million worth of aircraft, cars and ships.

It is noted that the art collection, antiques and other valuable items of the old banker are not yet made of value trays.

Some of the Epstein plaintiffs have announced that they will apply for compensation after death.

Why did he go to jail?
Federal prosecutors in New York revisited the indictment last month, alleging that he had sex with minors, including 14-year-old girls, at Epstein’s New York home and Florida mansion between 2002 and 2005.

Similar charges were leveled against Epstein in 2007. Having agreed with the prosecutor’s office and accepted the prostitution charge, Epstein was sentenced to 13 months in prison instead of a possible life sentence.


According to the American media, a search of Epstein’s mansion on July 6 found a large amount of cash, a large number of diamonds, a fake passport issued to his name, an out-of-date fake passport with Saudi Arabia as the place of residence, and sexual photos of hundreds of young women.

Following the new charges, Epstein requested a detention at his home in New York.

The judge denied this request, and Epstein went to prison in early July.

Epstein, who did not accept the accusations against him, could face 45 years in prison if found guilty.

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