The woman who was declared dead by the court is trying to prove that she has been alive for 4 years

59-year-old Jeanne Pouchain, who was mistakenly declared dead by the court in 2017, has been trying to prove that she has lived for almost 4 years in order to have an identity just like other people.

Jeanne Pouchain, who was declared dead by a court in France in 2017, says she has spent the last four years struggling to prove to the authorities that she is alive, and it has been a very frustrating experience.

“My name was Jeanne. Even after she was declared dead in 2017, she is still Jeanne,” Pouchain, 59, told Reuters news agency. Pouchain can’t hold back her tears as she talks about her hardships and what she’s going to do with the official acknowledgment that she’s “alive” again.

He says the situation arose from a letter sent by a court four years ago.

In the letter, the court mistakenly declared herself dead and therefore demanded that her husband and son pay the debt allegedly recorded on her.

A complex process started when a former employee of the cleaning company Pouchain founded filed a lawsuit on the grounds that he had receivables, and correcting this mistake of the court was not as easy as they thought.

It may take months for the woman to prove she is alive.

It may take months before the court’s decision on Pouchain is reversed, but the old woman wants to wait and regain her human rights no matter how long. Pouchain, who lost his health and lost his teeth because he could not go to the hospital, states that he will go to the hospital as the first thing after he has an identity card again.

Stating that being counted dead is an extremely challenging situation, Pouchain uses the following statements; “I’m going to go through the health checkup because I know there are some issues with my body. I miss having teeth and biting into an apple. I’m okay with even dentures. I feel more or less alive during the day, but the nights are awful. I wake up after diving for an hour and a half, the nights are like a nightmare. Hope, It allows us to live our lives. It will eventually work out in our favor. It will take time, but we don’t want anything extraordinary. Some things may raise doubts, but between death and life there is no doubt.”

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