Japan model Miyu Murashima poses in a very special bikini

Miyu Murashima wore a bikini and dazzled with her very special poses, she knows very well how to make us not admire her.

“Miraculous eye-divination body” Miyu Murashima, the long-awaited first photo collection Lingerie and sexy cut challenge.

Talent Miyu Murashima (23) decided to publish her first photo book (title undecided, Shueisha) on December 7. Based on the “happiest photobook in 2022” concept, a beautiful woman boasting a “miraculous eye-god-god body”, not only in a fresh swimsuit, but also a lingerie cut that shows a somewhat mature face, and a photobook-specific sexy cut.

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While working in an idol group, Murashima garnered attention with nicknames such as “the multi-talented super rookie” and “Heisei’s latest engraving rising star” for her strong sexy body. After graduation, he opened YouTube and continued his activities mainly on SNS. In movies etc. appeared and served as co-host for last season’s B.LEAGUE “Kawasaki Brave Thunders”. He also returned to engraving and appeared on the covers of many magazines.

The theme of this photobook is “more than friends but less than lovers”. What if a classmate I met after a long time turns out to be ridiculously attractive? Although they are on good terms, they have a strange sense of distance that they are not yet lovers. Various facial expressions in a sweet, sour and fun atmosphere and a look at simple cuteness of adult sexiness. The filming location was the exotic city of Nagasaki and the nature-filled Goto Islands. From her facial expressions to her style, it will be a book where you can meet Miyu Murashima, whom you have never seen before.

Miyu Murashima decides to publish her long-awaited photobook

Media personality Miyu Murashima announced on December 8 that she will release her first photo book “Title Unstable” (Young Jump special edition published by Shueisha 2,970 yen) on December 7th.

The theme of this photobook is “more than friends but less than lovers”. What if a classmate I haven’t seen in a long time is ridiculously attractive… They have a strange sense of distance that they’re not dating yet, even though they’re on good terms. You can feel the variety of expressions displayed in a sweet, sour and fun atmosphere and the adult sexiness seen in simple cuteness all of a sudden.

Filming took place in the exotic city of Nagasaki and the Goto Islands, which are intertwined with nature. Miyu Murashima has never seen before, such as a lingerie cut that shows a slightly mature face and a sexy cut that is typical of a photobook, in addition to a healthy and fresh swimsuit that allows you to enjoy the “God body”. It’s a book you can meet.

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I went to a place for the first time in this shoot and there were very good encounters. Being able to see local fishery up close on an unplanned boat is a very precious memory that I will never forget. The four days I spent feeling the warmth of Nagasaki were a comforting time, just like when I returned to my parents’ or grandparents’ house.

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Eat a lot and walk a lot every day. Take a walk in the retro town of Nagasaki. The authentic Nagasaki champagne was delicious! Whether in Nagasaki or Goto, you can wear refreshing and bright swimsuits against the backdrop of the clear sea and green nature, or try on a cute and sexy costume that will change your heart’s beat. I only wore it in a photo book.

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One of my biggest goals was to publish a photo book called “Miyu Murashima”. This is an important book that I have been able to fulfill thanks to the support of everyone who has always supported me and the people around me. I think it’s a warm book that everyone can feel closer to!

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