Jamie Vardy’s wife Rebekah loses Wayne Rooney’s defamation lawsuit against his wife

Rebekah Vardy, the wife of the famous striker Jamie Vardy of Leicester City, one of the Premier League teams, lost another famous football player Wayne Rooney’s defamation lawsuit against his wife Coleen Rooney in the High Court.

Coleen Rooney accused Rebekah Vardy of leaking confidential information about Rebekah Vardy to the tabloid newspaper The Sun in 2019. Vardy has always denied the accusations.

However, the Judge ruled that Rooney’s accusation was “essentially true.” “To me, Rooney was an honest and reliable witness,” the judge said, while “a significant portion of the evidence Vardy presented was unreliable.” Making a statement after the decision, Coleen Rooney stated that she was pleased that the decision was taken in her favor.

Jamie vardys wife rebekah loses wayne rooneys defamation lawsuit against his wife 2 gmspors

Becky Vardy faces cash complete implosion after Wagatha defamation rout leaves her with £3m bill and notoriety shredded

Crushed Becky Vardy was the previous evening confronting a huge monetary hit after her slander rout left her with a £3million legitimate bill.

Talks are supposed to happen in secret with legal counselors from the two camps in a bid to concur a settlement before September.

However, lawful specialists said all things considered, Becky would be compelled to hack up a major lump of Coleen Rooney’s £1.5million legitimate expenses.

Jamie vardys wife rebekah loses wayne rooneys defamation lawsuit against his wife 1 gmspors

She will likewise need to pay her own — which are supposed to be in a similar locale.

Jack Ridgway, of the Association of Costs Lawyers, said: “The appointed authority will not be guaranteed to arrange Mrs Vardy to cover every last bit of it.

Media legal advisor Jonathan Coad depicted the outcome as an “flat out calamity” for herself and said it was “really harming”.

Her expectations of a TV vocation — after spells on I’m A Celebrity and Dancing On Ice — are hanging by the most slender of strings.

Mr Coad said: “It couldn’t exactly be more awful.

Jamie vardys wife rebekah loses wayne rooneys defamation lawsuit against his wife 3 gmspors

“Obviously, it is exacerbated by the way that she was a worker to this and she was the inquirer, so she was bringing it.

“It’s ended up being comparably harming as it very well may be on the grounds that the adjudicator likewise observed that her proof was inconsistent, which is a legal code word for ‘it’s false’.”

Another attorney said Becky would “mourn the day that she at any point brought this case”.

Mark Stephens said she would be “perpetually marked a fishwife and tattle — as she has been by the adjudicator”.

He said: “She should take a peaceful life on a distant island some place in light of the fact that at whatever point she shows up in the media, she is continuously going to be marked ‘tattle Rebekah Vardy’, ‘traitor of confidences Rebekah Vardy’.

“Such appellations are going to live with her for some impressive time”.

Becky turned down three proposals to privately address any remaining issues before the fight at long last got going at London’s High Court.

Jamie vardys wife rebekah loses wayne rooneys defamation lawsuit against his wife 4 gmspors

Mum-of-four Coleen said she over and again attempted to expand “a peace offering” to Becky yet her endeavors were “all to no end”.

Coleen’s last proposal to settle would have seen the pair make “a significant gift” to good cause.

‘Settle on a truce’
They would likewise have focused on paying their own expenses and would “settle on a truce” on the focal cases made by Coleen in her Wagatha Christie post.

Their fight is currently expected to be worked out on TV as Channel 4 has proactively dispatched a two-section show narrative.

Coleen has joined with streaming monster Netflix for a narrative about the case while the BBC has charged an opponent program highlighting Rebekah’s perspective on the disagreement.

Concerning Coleen, her stock is set to ascend, with rewarding brand bargains expected to support her £15million total assets by £5million.

She could likewise make one more £1million by selling her story.

However, mainstream society master Nick Ede said she would probably disregard the spotlight.

He added: “Coleen is a champ in everybody’s eyes. Knowing her, she will need to move on and maybe not utilize her recently invigorated acclaim for money related gain or TV fame.”

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