Jake Paul’s girlfriend Julia Rose Allegedly Pregnant

A viral video has surfaced showing that Jake Paul’s girlfriend, Julia Rose, is Pregnant. A video of social media’s crazy girl Julia is pregnant has gone viral.

A few fans have been left contemplating whether Jake Paul’s better half, Julia Rose is pregnant and if the pair is having a child after a video of the YouTuber circulated around the web.

Jake has been vocal with regards to his relationship with Julia and it seems as though the pair is quitting any funny business. This isn’t the first run through the two got together. Beforehand, they had dated for a concise period in 2020. In any case, their relationship before long reached a conclusion. Presently, the pair are taking a stab for the subsequent time.


No, Jake’s better half Julia isn’t pregnant. Fans were left confounded after the YouTuber showed up on Logan Paul’s Podcast Impulsive.

In it, Jake implied Julia was pregnant. He said: “I need to have a family with her. She is pregnant.” After hearing this, Logan can be seen inquiring as to whether he was not kidding or not.

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Not long after this, Jake affirmed that he was lying. It seems like Jake told that wisecrack to get a response from Logan. Jake says: “You know what’s fked up, each time I am discussing the guarantee ring, you resemble: “what the fk is a guarantee ring? A guarantee ring until the end of time? A responsibility?”

During the equivalent digital recording, Jake had affirmed that his relationship with Julia was better now and things were quitting any funny business.

What Do We Know About the Jake and Julia Relationship?

Jake and Julia had recently dated in 2020 however their relationship didn’t keep going long.

Talking about their split, she said: “It was the solitary similar to our second go at it, yet you know, it’s intense. Having an extremely open relationship where a many individuals don’t see precisely what occurred, it’s intense. In any case, you know, I don’t consider possibly us are terrible individuals. We are simply attempting to carry on with our lives and do all that can be expected.”

Following this, the pair revived their sentiment in 2021. On August 3, Jake transferred a TikTok video where he thought about his past. In the clasp, he additionally talked about “dating a boob model.”

While fans didn’t will see Julia’s face in it, on August 8, she affirmed they were dating by sharing an image of them on Twitter.

The photograph showed Julia on top of Jake as the two nestled at the sea shore. She subtitled the image as: “cheerful glad cheerful glad.” Jake has likewise indicated their relationship is not kidding this time while adding there may be a commitment soon.

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