Jake Paul asserts that his girlfriend Julia Rose is the hottest model

Jake Paul has made assertive remarks that his girlfriend Julia Rose is the sexiest model. Julia’s fans agreed with her boyfriend Jake’s words.

Jake Paul shares hot photos of his girlfriend Julia Rose and says no other girl can ‘compete’ with the model.

Jake paul shares hot photos of girlfriend julia rose 3 gmspors

Jake Paul shares hot pics of sweetheart Julia Rose and says no one else ‘can contend with’ model

JAKE PAUL has shared hot pictures of Julia Rose to demonstrate no one else “can contend” with his better half.

The pair started dating in mid 2020 and have been one and off since.

Jake Paul shared hot pictures of Julia Rose to demonstrate no different ladies ‘can contend’.

Yet, they show up at present cherished up as Paul spouted over his accomplice in an online entertainment post.

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He tweeted: “This is an appreciation post for Julia Rose and her all regular excellence. Young ladies undergo surgery nevertheless can’t contend.”

All model Julia has been ringside for practically Paul’s five expert boxing wins.

The YouTuber-turned prizefighter made his presentation in January 2020, beating on the web rival ‘AnEsonGib’ in one round.

Only 11 months on he ruthlessly took out ex-NBA star Nate Robinson, 38, in two rounds.

Paul had a leading edge year in 2021 as he KO’d resigned UFC welterweight Ben Askren, 37, the primary expert contender on his record.

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He then, at that point, beat ex-UFC champion Tyron Woodley, 40, on focuses in August and afterward won their rematch by KO four months after the fact.

Paul was because of battle Tommy Fury, 23, rather however the ex-Love Islander took out subsequent to experiencing a wrecked rib in preparing.

Be that as it may, one of his mentors in Puerto Rico, Danny Smith, said an arrangement to reschedule the superstar battle is nearly closed down.

Smith told Vegas Insider: “I’d likely say that we’re around 90% done, yet we’re simply looking out for their end.

“We’re great on our end. Whatever specifics that should be worked out their end, that is the thing we’re looking out for.”

Jake Paul’s Girlfriend Julia Rose Puts Cleavage On Display In Selfie

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The Instagram model sent temperatures taking off for her by sharing a hot selfie that saw her spat the lower part of her two-piece top. The new snap showed Rose shaking a string two-piece top that showed a liberal measure of skin as she went through the day lounging under the sun.

Rose sizzled in a yellow number that was brazenly pulled high on her chest, removing just beneath the areolas and uncovering an enticing measure of underboob. Her cleavage was apparent thanks to the plunging plan of the piece of clothing, yet her fans scarcely appeared to be irritated by the skin-exposing show. Its base band wrapped firmly around the force to be reckoned with’s ribs while the other sets of strings was gotten over her neck.

Because of her position, her bottoms were not apparent in the picture. Nonetheless, it was spotted on an alternate offer. Rose’s strap was madly high-cut and wore a minute front that main covered what was essential. The waistline plunged well underneath her midsection button, uncovering the darling’s conditioned belly. In the interim, the sides came up over her hips and uncovered her bodacious bends.

The 28-year-old appeared to utilize her telephone’s camera to catch the sizzling hot snap. She held the cell phone and brought it away from her face to get a decent point. Rose shifted her head to the side while gazing directly into the focal point with her lips separated.


The Jake Paul and Tommy Fury battle is back on. So is Paul’s better half Julia Rose’s longing to mud-wrestle Fury’s sweetheart Molly-Mae Hague.

Initially planned for December last year, the battle among Paul and Fury never occurred. Anger pulled out of the battle because of disease and injury.

Following quite a while of junk chat via virtual entertainment, the two are currently set to step in the ring. Rage and Paul took to Instagram to declare that they will be battling on August 6 at Madison Square Garden.

In a snapshot of reality, the YouTuber turned fighter recognized his rival

Julia rose mud wrestling gmspors

Paul frequently kids about Fury and his capacity, however in a snapshot of earnestness, the YouTuber turned fighter recognized his rival:

“With or without jokes, this is my hardest test yet. You all believed that me should battle a genuine fighter, you folks have been torturing me every day of the week.”

He added of Fury, who holds a 9-0 expert record, “You advise me to battle a genuine fighter, the response is no ‘fcking issue.’ As far as genuine fighters, this is more or less genuine. Tommy Fury comes from an incredible bloodline of contenders; the wanderers who have been battering individuals since they were fcking conceived.”

Not long after the battle was authoritatively reported, Paul’s sweetheart and content machine, Julia Rose, inquired as to whether she and Fury’s better half Molly-Mae Hague ought to mud wrestle.

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