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Jagex Starts Testing New Launcher for RuneScape Games

Jagex is testing a new launcher for RuneScape Games. You can instantly switch from farming under OSRS to below RS3. You don’t need to register yet as it’s still in testing phase; but it will soon become mandatory.

What is Jagex Launcher?

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RuneScape is a program that will consolidate your franchise accounts. Upcoming games from RuneScape, Old-School RuneScape and Jagex will be part of this launcher. You can switch between different programs if you’re using the same account, but you can still switch to another program if needed.

The launcher will remember your account so you can jump straight into your game instead of logging in for a few minutes. This means more time to master, master and explore Gielinor.

As the launcher is still in testing, it currently only has the following capabilities:

  • Runelite detection and initialization

And here are the future plans of Jagex:

  • Multiple account support and authentication
  • macOS support
  • Creating a new Jagex account
  • Convert your RuneScape or OSRS account to a Jagex account
  • Merge all accounts into Jagex account

By combining with a Jagex account, you will have access to all the games the developer has made with the launcher. After all, they may be leading the RuneScape series, but they don’t have to limit themselves to that. Otherwise, they can partner with third-party developers and let their games enter the launcher. It’s not in the plans announced, but you know it’s possible.

How to Install Jagex Launcher

You can download an installer from their site here. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the program. Then open the app, login using your RuneScape/OSRS account and play!

system requirements

All you need is an OS/RS compatible computer running on:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8/8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11

Note that the program is in beta testing; that means there will be bugs and errors when using it. When you come across these, report them so the developers can fix them. You will notice that macOS is not included, but they are working on it and plan to add it later as mentioned above.

Additional Installation Notes

You do not need to reinstall your games – the launcher will find it for you and automatically use the corresponding directories. However, if you’re using a new computer, you can install games directly from the app.

RuneLite users need not worry either. The program detects it and you can use it to start OSRS using RL or the official client.

The program also improves security; Once the merged and merged Jagex account kicks in, it will be harder to hack if you follow the protocols.

The Future of RuneScape

Jagex Launcher is more than the RuneScape series. The description on their site reads, “Discover, install, and play games from the RuneScape universe and beyond.” This leaves things open for more games not in the RS/OSRS category.

As a result, the ultimate goal of the launcher will likely be a version of Steam, Origin or Battle.net. You can supplement your personal library of Jagex games with a friend list and possibly mod support. Managing subscriptions can also be done through the launcher. You can check news and updates from the launcher to stay informed about what’s happening in the games. It would be very convenient to have all these features in one application.

Speaking of roadmaps, they will gradually converge. The developers will introduce the next update step-by-step and fix things along the way. It will be slow if they want everything to go smoothly, but the final product is worth the wait.

This is still in the very distant future. Currently, the developers need your help to clear up confusion and bugs. If you choose to install the launcher for RuneScape or OSRS, be sure to report any bugs or bugs so you can have the best version of the app in the future. Otherwise, this is the best way to enjoy the program right now. It’s still bare bones, but the core functionality is there.


It’s interesting to note that both games are on Steam, which is what Jagex Launch should be. Then again, the latter would have some functionality that wouldn’t be on Steam. They are very similar though, but Steam has the better repertoire of games while the other only has two (for now).

The result will be similar to those available for EA and Ubisoft games on Steam. It would start the other program (Origin, Ubisoft Connect) that would launch the game. The process is tedious, but if the account details are saved, this hassle disappears. But if you forget, it takes longer. This means that Jagex is taking RuneScape further and the future is bright for this launcher with the announcement of a new game.

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