Jack Wagner and Josie Bissett talk about Mick and Olivia’s dream event

‘March 6 Wedding’: Jack Wagner and Josie Bissett make Remarks at Mick and Olivia’s Dream Event.

It’s presently in the wake of assisting different couples with spending their fantasy days (Lastly) Mick’s time (Jack Wagner) And Olivia’s (Josie Bissett)latest Marriage walk..

In any case, obviously, there’s another couple going down the walkway in the first Hallmark Channel film on August fourteenth, Sealed with a kiss: Wedding March sixth, And that would make things somewhat more confounded. Terse (Nathan Witte) and Autumn (Caitlin Stryker’s) plans to get hitched at Willow Lake Inn run into certain issues, and it’s dependent upon Mick and Olivia to get them going.

Subsequent to assisting different couples with having their fantasy day, it’s currently (at last) an ideal opportunity for Mick (Jack Wagner) and Olivia’s (Josie Bissett) in the most recent Wedding March.

In any case, there is, obviously, another couple heading down the walkway in the August 14 Hallmark Channel unique film, Sealed with a Kiss: Wedding March 6, and that will confound things only a tad. Abrupt (Nathan Witte) and Autumn’s (Caitlin Stryker) plan to get hitched at the Willow Lake Inn hits a couple of obstacles, and it’s dependent upon Mick and Olivia to pull it off.

Television Insider found Wagner and Bissett about what’s in store from Mick and Olivia’s wedding.

Jack Wagner and Josie Bissett talk about Mick and Olivias dream event 3 GMSPORS
Jack Wagner and Josie Bissett talk about Mick and Olivia’s dream event

Jack Wagner: This journey’s taken them to where they are in terms of being able to fulfill their dreams, their love for one another. It’s just been a very interesting progression with these two characters, and we were able to really meet our goal in this movie and raise the bar again in terms of laughter and comedy, as well as romance and comfort and really paying it off.

Josie Bissett: We are giving the fans the Wedding March, finally, they’ve been waiting for. I’ve watched the movie a couple of times now and the wedding scene is just so beautiful and we were just so connected. I literally cried both times I watched it. It was so worth the wait. The characters have really come a long way.

Jack Wagner and Josie Bissett talk about Mick and Olivias dream event 2 GMSPORS
Jack Wagner and Josie Bissett talk about Mick and Olivia’s dream event

Bissett: It’s one of those things: what can go wrong does go wrong. And that’s not only for us but also for the other characters who are getting married. It’s just a lot of issues that arise when people are getting married. But with Mick and Olivia, since we run the inn, our first and foremost responsibility is making sure that our couple getting married have the wedding that they want. That was the conflict often for Mick where he really, really wanted Olivia to get the wedding that she wants and has always wanted — and he does, too. It put the characters in a difficult situation, but Olivia just rolled with it and always wanted the other couple to have what they wanted. And in the end, it all works out to where everybody gets what they want and need. And what I mean by need is just even spiritually and developmentally as the characters are growing, particularly the other couple.

Wagner: Yeah, exactly. Also, the obstacles gave the characters an urgency. And [for] us as actors, a dynamic that’s really served us is me going to this intensity [as Mick] and Josie [as Olivia] staying so cool and calm, “it’ll all work out.” That gives us a lot of room to play comedy. And the message was really, for Mick, “I want you to have the wedding you deserve. I want you to have the flowers and this and that.” I love that romantic part of this character. I think it’s a little old school, but it really pays off in terms of romance.

Would you say their relationship is stronger than ever and it’s more important now that they face obstacles together?

Wagner: That’s a great question, and it’s almost spot on. The answer is absolutely. Josie and I found places where we touch each other in scenes more often — there were little pecks here and there, small things like that that tell a story and just also create a relationship. I think it really paid off with [the] montage as well as the vows.

Bissett: Yeah, and they’ve gotten to a place where they are ready to do this. Whereas the other Wedding Marches leading up, they weren’t and they were getting there. There are no more obstacles. Mick and Olivia are a hundred percent that they want to be together and they want to get married and yes, the obstacles are definitely out of our control.

What do Mick and Olivia see in Curt and Autumn that reminds them of themselves?

Bissett: Olivia guides her in just letting go and not trying to control the situation and letting Curt be Curt and that, I think, was her message to her. Just let go and try not to control everything.

Wagner: [Mick and Curt are] similar because he’s in the entertainment business. [Curt’s] an actor. Mick helped him on the movie in terms of teaching him how to play a little guitar, sing a little bit. And as far as the female characters, it’s about how to deal with that. They each have their own lives and own careers. But if you’re going to try to make a relationship work, how do you balance something that’s rather large, like a career in the entertainment business that’s working and trying to have a relationship and be respectful of what both people need? How do you compromise? It’s always about compromising.

Jack Wagner and Josie Bissett talk about Mick and Olivias dream event 1 GMSPORS
Jack Wagner and Josie Bissett talk about Mick and Olivia’s dream event

You raised the wedding before. What have been a portion of your other most loved scenes to film in this film series?

Bissett: My favorite was the wedding scene because it just was finally getting to really be authentic in our emotions and put everything else aside and we’ve finally gotten there. I love doing work like that and getting to connect like that with Jack and the two characters. My all-time favorite Wedding Marches are the first and the sixth ones.

Wagner: My favorite scene was in the first Wedding March and I agree with Josie because we were discovering all of this as well as we were discovering each other as friends. We hadn’t seen each other or worked together for 17 years, I think, and we never really had a storyline on Melrose Place, so you know how people change. My favorite scene in the Wedding March franchise is in the first one, when Olivia was trying on wedding dresses and I was sitting there watching and then giving her my opinion and she changed. It was edited, so it happened rather quickly, but it was just a foreshadowing of where we’re going to go. And when she finally had the right dress on, the very last one, when he looks at it and you see Mick go, “Oh, there’s my bride.” And she goes, “Really?” And I’m like, “Yeah.” And then, of course, the vows, which I haven’t even seen yet. I just know when we did them, they were really emotional, and hopefully, it will translate in the performance.