Jack Grealish’s girlfriend Sasha Rebecca receives death threats

Jack Grealish’s girlfriend, Sasha Rebecca, posted a video in which she received death threats. Jack Grealish, one of the most important football players in the Premier League, and his girlfriend are facing death threats.

The psychology of the beautiful model Sasha, who received death threats because of his football player lover Grealish, was broken.

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Grealish’s girlfriend gets 200 death threats a day from Sasha Attwood

The waters do not settle in England, which lost to Italy on penalties in the final at Wembley in EURO 2020. Sasha Attwood, the girlfriend of England’s star football player, said that while she received 200 death threats a day, hooligan fans did not leave her alone on social media.

Racist messages and death threats to English footballers who lost the EURO 2020 final to Italy continue. There are also attacks on the families of the football players. Jack Grealish’s girlfriend, Sasha Attwood, said she was depressed because she received hundreds of threatening messages every day. Sasha also disclosed these messages.

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Sasha Attwood, the model lover of star football player Jack Grealish, who is expected to transfer to Manchester City, is having a very difficult time. Jack Grealish and his girlfriend were also subjected to these attacks, as England lost to Italy in the final. Sasha Attwood gets these messages more than Grealish.

In the news reported by Skorer; The messages that Sasha revealed were also shared. Various messages were sent to the beautiful model, such as, “Get cancer, have a car accident, destroy your family, I will kill you, help me in my plan to kill Sasha.” The beautiful model stated that her psychology was broken and she had a hard time because of these messages.

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Jack Grealish’s girlfriend is a fashion model

Jack Grealish’s girlfriend, Sasha Rebecca, is a fashion model and a popular social media user.

Although Sasha Rebecca and her boyfriend are a happy couple, the threat of recent times seems to have broken her psychology.

Sasha Rebecca, who continues her career as a model, is very afraid that this situation will affect her career.

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Sasha Rebecca has a huge fan base on Instagram.

The famous model has close to 60 thousand followers on Instagram and often shares professional modeling shots.

Although many followers of the manke, who is on Instagram with the username sasha__rebecca, are trying to support her, it is certain that she has had a lot of trouble in the last days.

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