ITV expert sacked after models wearing mini dresses used World Cup tickets

Former professional football player and ITV expert Robbie Earle was fired from the broadcaster after 2010 World Cup tickets fell into the wrong hands.

The ITV expert was fired after models wearing mini dresses used World Cup tickets.

Tickets allocated to ITV’s Robbie Earle ended up in the hands of a group of Dutch women.

Itv expert sacked after models wearing mini dresses used world cup tickets

Previous ITV savant Robbie Earle lost his employment with the telecaster after his dispensed tickets for the World Cup were utilized by a gathering of lovely models wearing little minidresses.

Earle, a previous footballer with Port Vale, Wimbledon and Jamaica, had been commentating for ITV starting around 2002. Be that as it may, he lost his employment after a FIFA examination concerning the discharge of 36 ladies from the Netherlands’ initial match of the 2010 competition against Denmark.

The ladies – detectable by their radiant orange outfits – went to the match as a feature of an “trap promoting” stunt. They were wearing the dresses fully intent on advancing Bavaria Brew, a Dutch organization.

It was guaranteed at the time that Earle’s tickets – expected to be utilized for loved ones – were given to an outsider, penetrating FIFA’s standards.

In 2010, a representative for ITV said: “Following cases by Fifa that official 2010 World Cup tickets might have been utilized for trap showcasing, ITV has surveyed its whole ticket portion for the competition. Quick examinations demonstrated that a block of ITV tickets would seem to have been utilized for unapproved purposes during the Holland v Denmark match.

“Further requests have uncovered that a significant number dispensed to Robbie Earle for loved ones have been passed to an outsider in break of Fifa rules. Accordingly, Robbie Earle’s agreement with ITV has been ended with prompt impact.”

Itv expert sacked after models wearing mini dresses used world cup tickets

Earle later hit back at ITV following his flight. He said that the telecaster gave him 400 of the tickets he applied for and that ITV knew some of them were to be utilized by a companion.

“I let them know that I was giving them to a companion and I even inquired as to whether he could pay ITV straightforwardly for the tickets he had,” Earle made sense of.

At the point when the tickets showed up, they purportedly accompanied an admonition that they couldn’t be utilized or given to any other individual without the assent of FIFA. Notwithstanding, Earle accepted he could give them to his buddy as he had let ITV know what their identity was planned for.

Earle proceeded with that his companion had guaranteed him he in no way wanted to sell the tickets, just to give them to the promoting firm.

“He has gravely let me down and cost me my position at ITV, where I have been for quite a long time,” he added. Earle is currently a well known individual from the transmission group at NBC Sports in the US, covering Chief Association football.

FIFA doesn’t warmly embrace the way that the distributed tickets are not utilized as expected.

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