It premiered in the Liga MX! Santiago Naveda has already scored in First Division

Eagles‘ tend to be full of talent and apparently have found the newest. One of the local players who won the championship with Santiago Solari showed that he could get into the wonder group, because what Santiago Naveda did with America will be appreciated.

At the short age of 19, he made it clear that he was staying here and the coach was the first to realize this, because he owns the undisputed ownership he received from stars like Pedro Aquino, recently came from Leon and has been suffering from azulcrema since 2020.

“Naveda made his debut at the beginning of the year and his talent is contributing to the team and his teammates are doing everything to adapt to him. He has personality and a goal that football owes him last week. I’m happy for him.” He scored and was his first with the network, Solari Naveda was what he said about.

He was responsible for opening the score at 26 and was one of many who gave Coapa a win. “A joy I can’t describe to you, something I’ve been working on for a long time, I had a desire for this goal in the last game, and luckily to the fans, I justified myself.” he commented.

Despite his joy, he also realized that he had a lot of things to learn and develop in League one, such as helping his teammates at the top of the ball and having the ball, which was a complex task, but that it was possible. Accomplishing it with permanent work.

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