Isaac Power would die for a photograph

Australian tourist Isaac Power fell seriously ill after drinking pool water as a joke while on vacation in Bali. The young man, who survived the event with the intervention of the medical teams, was criticized by many travelers for being a novice because he drinks Bali’s water.

A prank by a young Australian tourist who drank pool water as a prank on a Bali vacation backfired horribly. The young man, who was in need of medical attention, had a serious illness. Isaac, who survived the incident thanks to the intervention of a traveling medical team, was criticized by many travelers for daring to drink the water.

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Isaac Power shared a funny photo of him drinking water from a hose held by a statue above the pool in his rental villa. The photo on the Bali Bogans Facebook group was accompanied by another image of the Brisbane man receiving medical attention from a team of traveling doctors. At the bottom of the post it was written, “Hey Doctor Ari, he is still alive”.

The shared post garnered a great response. Numerous travelers hailed Power as “a beginner” for making the mistake of drinking water in Bali, as many previously fell ill or even died after a similar situation.

While many of the commenters criticize the young man for drinking the water, many users have shared similar experiences. “Dr. Ari”, on the other hand, garnered great praise in the group.

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