Is tinder an app worth using?

Tinder, the most popular dating app of recent months, continues to drive many new users away.

The Tinder application, which is used in many countries of the world and has more than 100 million downloads, is both criticized and the number of users is increasing.

What is Tinder?

Tinder is a dating app available on mobile devices. The application, which has started to spread rapidly since its first launch in 2012, is used by millions of people in 38 languages ​​and 196 countries.

The profiles in the application appear in the form of a deck of cards. You skip the people you don’t like by swiping to the ‘left’, and you ‘like’ the ones you like by swiping to the right.

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In the application based on ‘match’, you can create a profile consisting of a few photos and a short description, and quickly navigate through the profiles of people in your preferred gender and age range. When you like (or ‘like’ someone you like), if that person also likes you, you will be ‘match’. After pairing, you can start messaging.

What should be considered when creating a profile on Tinder?

You have a few seconds to impress someone! To get the attention of your potential ‘match’, you need to pay attention to some tricks.

We asked experienced Tinder users and compiled the things they were bored of seeing and were very impressed with:

Choose your profile photo carefully!

Even if you don’t believe in love at first sight, it’s a fact that first impressions are very important on Tinder. You should appear in front of the opposite sex with a good photo of your face – maybe a little bit of your body. In this respect, it is important to have a high-resolution, clear photo of you smiling. How much of your body you show can give important clues about your intention to use the app!

The photos in your profile are the most important parts that can give an idea about you. But the trick is to take a cool selfie from the mirror in the gym, thousands of people may have thought of it. Many women who use the app find the photos taken while they are driving, saying “I do sports and I’m very muscular” and trying to explain how rich they are by shouting, are repulsive. We have to say that the selfies you take while skydiving are hardly effective. There are so many parachute selfies that you get lost among the faceless men.

Even if you don’t want to be known, don’t hide too much!

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One of the profiles we come across most on Tinder is profiles with the theme “I don’t want to be known too much, I don’t want to be seen around here”. Profiles with a partial face or a randomly selected photo from the internet often create a sense of insecurity. If you’re afraid of being seen ‘out there’, at least express your style by posting a photo of yourself with your back turned or wearing sunglasses. Don’t forget to fill in the missing photos in the description section!

Write a description or two!

When you exit the right-left swipe screen and log in to your profile in the application, a short information line is displayed showing your name, age and how far you are from the user. There is enough space for your description underneath.

In this statement, you will increase your chances of being liked if you write a few sentences expressing what you want, what you are looking for, what kind of person you are. Think hard, don’t go too far, just ‘I want to have fun!’ in summer. Emphasize your romantic side if necessary. Note that captioned profiles are more likely to be preferred.

Write a message when you match!

Once you’ve matched with someone in the app, you can now start messaging. Forget the stereotypes that a woman or man should take the first step, don’t see a short ‘hello’ too much. Refer to something in the person’s photos, laugh at something in the description, use your creativity. Chat streaming means your chances of meeting and chatting (and then maybe having a lot of fun) skyrocket!

Is Tinder an app worth paying for?

In fact, we touch on the point that we are all curious about. Although there is a friendship program that sells paid packages in Tinder, it is an application that received high criticism. Although you can enjoy certain features for free on Tinder, you do not need to pay any money.

A membership to Tinder is worth the effort and more fascinating than those from other applications.

It appears to have the best top notch highlight at the cost through Tinder Plus at around $5 every month.

Other Tinder premium plans are likewise less expensive than the opposition yet we actually observed them to be less practical.