Is the relationship between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta over?

Can Yaman, who has been in Italy for a while due to the TV series ‘Sandokan’ in which he took a role, and Can Yaman, who had a love affair with Italian sports announcer Diletta Leotta, did not attend his lover’s birthday party. This led to the emergence of separation allegations.

Can Yaman, who has been in Italy for a long time and found the love he was looking for here, soon proposed to his girlfriend, sports announcer Diletta Leotta.

Is the relationship between can yaman and diletta leotta over gmspors

Yaman, “Diletta, will you marry me,” which he had put on the back of an airplane.

I love you, Can…” the words written in Italian flew in Rome.

Yaman, one of the famous couple who came to Turkey in the past months, introduced his lover to his family. However, it was claimed that the happiness of the duo was over.

Because the previous day, Diletta Leotta celebrated her 30th birthday with a birthday party. The young server shared the moments when she blew her cake on her Instagram account.

Diletta leotta celebrates 30 years in catania 3 gmspors

The absence of Can Yaman next to the famous announcer, who preferred to wear a shimmering, strapless model dress, did not escape attention. This situation strengthened the separation claims. While the Italian press claims that the couple broke up; There has been no statement from Yaman or Diletta yet.

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