Is the iconic photo of Tupac and Chalino Sanchez real?

That iconic photo tupac gmspors

This iconic photo of Tupac and Chalino Sanchez has a good chance of being Photoshopped, but have you met IRL?

That iconic photo tupac gmspors

One of the most understated iconic photos of the two music icons is the shot of rapper Tupac Shakur and Mexican singer Chalino Sánchez banging their fists. Tupac and Chalino fans have shared since its mysterious discovery as it is the symbol of two legends taken from us too early. Both were killed, when Tupac was 25 years old and Chalino was 31 years old. This is also a really troublesome photo. But some believe it was edited with Photoshop: Could it be possible that the two musicians knew each other? Or are they friends?

Have Chalino Sánchez and Tupac met?

Chalino and Tupac may have met, but their popular photo was most likely tampered with. In fact, it looks like someone took the same photo of Chalino (see below) and simply flipped it upside down and manipulated Chalino’s hand to make it look like he was hitting (or waving) Tupac’s hand. Most people would agree that this isn’t an actual photo of Chalino and Tupac, but the two of them being together are out of the question, with absolutely no evidence that this ever happened.

Could they have met in Los Angeles? Chalino moved to Los Angeles with her aunt in 1977 and they lived there until 1992, when Chalino was murdered. However, Tupac bought his Los Angeles home (technically Woodland Hills near Calabasas) in 1995. This doesn’t mean that Tupac could never be found in Los Angeles from 1977 to 1992, but it does increase the chances that the two musicians met. However, Tupac has toured in Los Angeles over the years and Chalino may be a fan. Who knows!

Why is the photo of Chalino and Tupac so popular?

Regardless of its authenticity, the photo of Chalino and Tupac is loved because Chalino and Tupac were two legends who played important roles in the music industry, and both were murdered when they were teenagers. Tupac was shot multiple times in a Las Vegas shooting (the prime suspect was Orlando Tive ‘Baby Lane’ Anderson, formerly a member of the Southside Compton Crips gang; he died a few years later, at the age of 23 in 1998). After being shot during a concert, Chalino returned to his hometown of Sinaloa, Culiacán, where he was detained and shot dead by a group of men.

To date, it has never been confirmed who killed Chalino. But we do know that Chalino avenged her sister’s rape when she was young and killed a very powerful man in Sinaloa. It is possible that the same man was involved in Chalino’s murder. Also, Chalino’s son Adam, who was also a musician, died in a suspected car accident near where Chalino was killed. Many think it wasn’t an accident and that his son was killed as well.

The thing is: it doesn’t really matter if the photo of Tupac and Chalino is fake; It is powerful to remember the legacy of two talented and influential young people who deserve to be making music much longer than they did.

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