Is Megan Fox pregnant?

News began to emerge that Megan Fox was pregnant. American actress Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly (MGK), who met on the set of the movie and have been together for more than a year, got engaged in the past months. The couple, who made a name for themselves with their happy togetherness and extraordinary style, finally came to the fore with the allegations that Fox was pregnant.

Megan Fox, whose marriage with Brian Austin Green went bad, met Machine Gun Kelly on the set of the movie ‘Midnight In The Switchgrass’ and fell in love with the young singer. Fox, who ended his marriage for his love, announced that when he met Machine Gun Kelly, he understood that he was his ‘soul mate’.

The couple, who often shared their poses on social media, decided to marry. Megan Fox shared the moments when her lover proposed to her and wrote:

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We were unaware of the pain we would experience together in such a short, crazy time. Unaware of the jobs and sacrifices the relationship will require from us, but intoxicated with love. Somehow a year and a half later, after walking through hell together, he asked me to marry him. And as in every lifetime before this and every lifetime that will follow, I said yes. And then we drank each other’s blood.

Describing the feature of the ring he gave to Fox in an interview, Machine Gun Kelly said that the ring consisting of two-colored precious stones was actually a “thorn” and that if Fox wanted to take this ring off his finger, it would hurt.

Machine Gun Kelly said, “These two rings are actually thorns. If he takes them off his finger, it will hurt. Because love hurts.” Recently, Megan Fox from the duo made a surprising statement. Fox, who gave an interview for the UK edition of Glamor magazine, announced that he and his fiancee drank each other’s blood in a controlled way from time to time.

Expressing that they do this as a ritual, Megan Fox added that there is no similar situation to the image that is enlivened in the minds of people related to the subject. When Fox said, “We drink each other’s blood,” he stated that no one should think that they did this with glasses like in the TV series “Game of Thrones”. The famous actress stated that this situation consisted of only a few drops of blood.

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Stating that he is interested in astrology, the famous actor said, “I do metaphysical activities and meditations. I organize rituals when there is a full moon.” Saying “Let’s shed a few drops of blood and drink” for such rituals, Fox added that his fiancee Kelly could be much more dangerous and chaotic.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, whose real name is “Colson Baker”, are also known to sometimes wear phial-shaped necklaces around their necks containing a few drops of each other’s blood.

Finally, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox, who continue their happy relationship, attended Diddy’s post-ceremony party after the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday.

According to the news of the New York Post; A source, who did not want to be named, said the couple showed up to the party in a pink limo and Fox took the dance floor as soon as they arrived. The source also said that Megan Fox did not drink alcohol during the night.

Fox, 36, said he quit drinking once at the Golden Globes last year because he got into a fight and said a lot of things he shouldn’t have said on the red carpet.

However, this detail still reveals that Machine Gun Kelly performed the song ‘Twin Flame’ at the Billboard Music Awards; A heartbeat sound was played after he said “I wrote this song for my wife”, combined with the explanation “This is for our unborn child”; The allegations that Fox was pregnant became stronger.

Although the allegations are on the agenda of social media, the famous couple has not yet made a statement on the subject. On the other hand, on Thursday, the duo attended the premiere of their latest project, ‘Good Mourning’, and walked the red carpet together. Speaking to People at the gala, Kelly said that being the director of her fiancee was a collaboration for both of them and used the following statements:

He didn’t let me steer his character too far in either direction. ‘I understand that. I understand what this character is’ attitude. He improvised and brought his character Kennedy to life. I’ve heard many people say that this is their favorite character in the movie.

“I’ll always collaborate with Megan,” the rapper continued, adding, “I’m madly in love with her, and I’m also a fan.”

Kelly also touched on her favorite part of filming the movie with her soon-to-be-wife, telling People that many of Fox’s lines were inspired by their real lives together.

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Megan Fox Looks Eager About Pregnancy

Some of Megan Fox’s statements began to be interpreted by her followers. It has been claimed that the famous actress and her boyfriend are very eager to have a new child.

However, this detail still reveals that Machine Gun Kelly performed the song ‘Twin Flame’ at the Billboard Music Awards; After saying “I wrote this song for my wife”, a heartbeat was heard with the explanation “This is for our unborn child”; The allegations that Fox was pregnant became stronger.

Megan Fox already has 3 children from her previous marriage “Children: Bodhi Ransom Green, Noah Shannon Green, Journey River Green”.

Now, we think Megan Fox is very keen on having a child with her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly.

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