Is Ellen DeGeneres’ ex-girlfriend, star actress Anne Heche dead

Ellen DeGeneres’ ex-girlfriend, star actress Anne Heche, escaped from the burning car at the last moment! Scary news came from her family and her latest situation became clear.

Anne Heche was perhaps of Hollywood’s most sizzling youthful entertainer before her high-profile relationship with Ellen DeGeneres eclipsed her blooming vocation, damning her to become newspaper grub for over twenty years.

During the ’90s, the spiky-haired blonde — who passed on Friday, seven days in the wake of crashing her vehicle affected by cocaine in Los Angeles — pursued basic recognition with scene-taking jobs in non mainstream crush “Strolling and Talking,” the political parody “Manipulate everything else,” and the mobster blockbuster “Donnie Brasco” — provoking studio executives to sit up and focus.

By 1997, Heche — who had recently turned 28 years of age — was ready to turn into Tinseltown’s next driving woman, having inked arrangements to star in a romantic comedy inverse Harrison Ford and show up in a profoundly expected Gus Van Sant change of “Psycho.”

In any case, in August of that year, the celebrity opened up to the world about the a lot more seasoned — 11 years her senior — and substantially more well known DeGeneres, who had freely emerged on the front of Time magazine only four months sooner.

The couple cozied up for the cameras at the debut of Heche’s catastrophe flick “Spring of gushing lava” and their pivotal same-sex sentiment detonated into the public eye.

“It changed my life always,” Heche owned up to Page Six out of 2020. “The shame joined to that relationship was so terrible … I didn’t do a studio picture for quite a long time. I was terminated from a $10 million picture bargain.”

The Emmy champ and Tony candidate further hit out at DeGeneres in a 2021 digital recording interview, depicting her ex as a cash hungry “bitch” who might have subverted her vocation directly following their split.

“I said a final farewell to her since her objective was to have huge load of cash. Mine was to track down affection, and hers was, ‘I need $60 billion,’ ” Heche said. “Great, best of luck; our forks are never going to meet.”

Anne Heche dead at 53: How her life self-destructed after Ellen DeGeneres issue

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American actress Anne Heche (53) had an accident in front of her home in Los Angeles. Heche crashed her car into the garage door of her own house and there was a massive fire in her car.

It was learned that the famous actor, who was seriously injured in the accident, drove his car very fast and crashed into other places several times. According to the news in The Guardian; Heche’s family explained that the player’s chances of survival are low.

Anne Heche’s family, who has been in the hospital since the accident and whose condition remains serious, stated that the actress suffered “severe anoxic brain damage”.

The family also stated that Heche, who is in a coma, is unlikely to survive. It is not yet known whether Anne Heche was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the accident.

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When DeGeneres, who was with Heche from 1997 to 2000, was asked how his ex-girlfriend was, she said, “We weren’t in touch with each other, so I don’t know. I don’t want anyone to get hurt,” she replied.

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