Is DMX dead? Did the famous rapper commit suicide? What is the latest state of DMX?

Behind the allegations of DMX’s death is his friend Luenell. Although Luenell told his followers that DMX was dead, it seems DMX is still alive. According to the latest information, it was learned that the condition of DMX was very bad, but still continues to live.

Is DMX Dead or Alive?

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Recently, comic Luenell took to Instagram stories to honor her companion, New York rap pioneer DMX — with a post that affected tales that the rapper had died. DMX isn’t dead, and that is as per his chief, Fox5NY columnist Lisa Evers is covering the evening of April 8.

“It is finished, my companion is gone,” she wrote in the post. “Take off. Join the best that could possibly do it. Tear DMX.” Naturally, the post persuade that DMX, genuine name Earl Simmons, had died. Prompting various media sources to report that “companions of the family” had affirmed his passing.

In a subsequent story, Luenell explained that DMX’s body had not passed on, only his spirit.

“When your spirit leaves and your organs fail you. The body becomes just a shell. One becomes wrapped in the lords arms. Thats what ‘i’ call gone. I’m sorry to all.”


DMX was hospitalized in the wake of enduring an announced medication actuated cardiovascular failure at his home in White Plains, N.Y., on Friday, April second. He has been in a coma, in a “vegetative state” since Sunday, April fourth.

Recently, TMZ announced that DMX went through a progression of test that showed no improvement in the rappers mind action.

I’m not one to scrutinize how another decides to utilize their words, yet maybe on the off chance that somebody is in a coma, abstaining from utilizing “Tear” shows extraordinary class.

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Rapper Who Gives Serious Struggle After a Heart Attack

Obviously DMX is not so good, yet the most recent believable reports said he was as yet alive.

As per NBC New York, the rapper was hospitalized in grave condition following a coronary episode.

NBC New York recently cited DMX’s lawyer Murray Richman as saying the coronary episode happened at DMX’s home at 11 p.m. on Friday, April 2, 2021. The rapper’s genuine name is Earl Simmons. He was raced to a medical clinic in White Plains, New York.

“I got a consider today that Earl Simmons was in the emergency clinic, at the White Plains Hospital, and that he had a cardiovascular failure, and I don’t know how it was incited and that he’s in a coma,” Richman said.

“I’ve addressed the family and the family and I are very close with one another. I’m worried about his prosperity and aware of his importance. I have known Earl for more than 25 years and I accept that his music is very impactful, vital. He’s genuinely an artist within recent memory,” Richman said to ABC7.

Did DMX commit suicide with drug overdose?

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There is evidence that he committed suicide after DMX drug overdose. It is known that the famous rapper tried to commit suicide by taking too many drugs, but continued to struggle for life with the deterioration of his condition. Although there is no definitive evidence that DMX committed suicide, it is certain that it caused a suspicion in mind.

DMX’s legal advisor disclosed to NBC that he didn’t have the foggiest idea what caused DMX’s respiratory failure.

Notwithstanding, TMZ revealed that it was brought about by a medication glut. As indicated by TMZ, the excess “set off” the coronary failure.

TMZ got clashes reports from the outset about DMX’s condition, with one source saying he had “some mind movement” and another portraying the rapper as being in a “vegetative state.”

As indicated by TMZ, DMX has had notable issues with drugs. He wound up in recovery a few times, the most recent in 2019, as indicated by the diversion site.

The New York Times detailed that DMX was in a vegetative state and in a state of insensibility.

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