Is Cristiano Ronaldo partnering with CZN Burak?

The allegation that an offer came from Cristiano Ronaldo to CZN Burak was on the agenda. A claim between the popular Turkish chef and Ronaldo was reflected in the news.

Turkish chef Burak Özdemir (CZN Burak), who owns a restaurant chain, received a partnership offer from Cristiano Ronaldo. Burak Özdemir said, “We are in talks with the elder brother of Cristiano Ronaldo. He said to me, ‘Come to England.’ He insisted on me.”

Özdemir, one of the more than 100 social media phenomena that Spain La Liga has agreed with to support the promotion and marketing activities in the world, made statements in Madrid, where he went as the guest of La Liga.

The Turkish chef explained his relationship with La Liga, “Since food is universal, football is also universal. When La Liga reached me, he said, ‘Burak, you are promoting Turkish cuisine to all over the world with the dishes you cook. As Spaniards, we are famous for football, we love football. Let’s combine these two, partner. Let’s do projects.’ they said,” he said.

Emphasizing that he also met with Manchester from England, Özdemir said, “Cristiano Ronaldo is my friend. We met him when he came to my restaurant in Dubai. He insisted on me. ‘Burak come to England.’ “We are in talks. I hope you can see us there soon,” he said.

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